Glyceryl Trinitrate

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MYONIT INSTA (Glyceryl Trinitrate) is a type of nitrate used in the symptomatic relief of angina. Its mode of action involves affecting the veins to make them wider.

Active Ingredients : Glyceryl Trinitrate
Manufacturer : Troikaa
Country of Origin : India
Intended Patient : Unisex
MYONIT INSTA (Glyceryl Trinitrate) - 0.5mg (30 Tablets) MYONIT INSTA
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MYONIT INSTA (Glyceryl Trinitrate) is a type of nitrate used in the symptomatic relief of angina. Its mode of action involves affecting the veins to make them wider. The active ingredient in these tablets is what`s known as a prodrug, meaning that it is inactive when administered. After metabolization, it is then converted into NO (nitric oxide), the active form and a type of short acting nitrate vasodilator. It works by causing the arteries to become dilated (wider) and reducing pressure inside the veins, thereby relieving some of the strain on the heart.

This allows for a decrease in oxygen consumption by the heart. It can also cause the arteries inside the heart to become wider, so as to facilitate an increased supply of oxygen. If the amount of oxygen supplied to the heart is not sufficient (which can commonly occur due to the increased strain put on the heart when exercising), an angina attack can occur. By allowing for more oxygen to reach the heart, this medicine can effectively treat the pain that occurs during an angina attack. It may also be taken for angina pectoris prophylaxis. Other uses include treating coronary artery spasms.

Dosage and Administration

MYONIT INSTA (Glyceryl Trinitrate) is provided as tablets with a medicine content of 0.5mg. However, the medication is not to be swallowed whole. As it is a special sublingual tablet, it must be placed directly under the tongue where it will slowly dissolve. The medicine will then be quickly absorbed, due to the fact that there are many blood vessels on the tongue. This makes it effective at providing fast relief from the symptoms of an angina attack.

Your physician will provide you with instructions on how much medicine to take each time as well as the maximum dosage. In some cases, adjustments may be necessary, however you must not change your dosage unless following the instructions of your physician. Consult your physician if the medicine is not as effective as before.

Side effects

Patients who administer MYONIT INSTA (Glyceryl Trinitrate) can sometimes experience side effects and a list of examples is given here:

  • Throbbing headache
  • Spinning sensation
  • Reddening occurring on the face
  • Feeling lightheaded when standing up
  • Burning sensation noticeable in the mouth

Any reactions that occur should be mentioned to your physician. Other side effects that have not been referenced here may also occur. Some of these may be severe in nature. You will need to consult your physician immediately or go to the hospital if you experience eyesight problems, blue lips, difficulties speaking properly or any other serious side effects that have not been listed here.


Certain tablets used to treat erectile dysfunction may cause a serious drop in blood pressure and a potentially fatal interaction and must not be taken alongside this medicine. This includes some of the most popular medicines used for ED which have vasodilator effects. If you suffer from erectile problems, you must discuss safer alternative treatment options with your physician.

Patients with anemia, closed angle glaucoma, low blood pressure and various other medical conditions are not to take this medicine. Inform your physician of your medical history and current health status before starting treatment, as certain conditions may mean that the medicine is not safe for you.

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