Prexaron Plus (Citicoline/Piracetam)

Prexaron Plus

Citicoline, Piracetam

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Prexaron Plus (Citicoline/Piracetam) is taken by many people as a nootropic or cognitive enhancer, due to its reported memory enhancement effects.

Brand Name : Prexaron Plus
Active Ingredients : Citicoline, Piracetam
Manufacturer : Intas
Country of Origin : India
Intended Patient : Unisex
Prexaron Plus (Citicoline/Piracetam) - 500mg/800mg (10 Tablets) Prexaron Plus (Citicoline/Piracetam)
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Prexaron Plus (Citicoline/Piracetam) is taken by many people as a nootropic or cognitive enhancer, due to its reported memory enhancement effects. Other uses include treating head trauma, Parkinson`s disease, glaucoma, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and cerebrovascular disease (for example, a stroke). These tablets contain two active components.

Originally, citicoline was produced and developed in Japan, for the treatment of strokes, and subsequently it was widely used in Europe for the treatment of memory disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Many people take it as a dietary supplement. In addition to functioning as a nootropic, it also has psychostimulant properties. After ingestion, it is metabolized into choline and causes an increase in the levels of phosphatidylcholine (a chemical which plays a key role in the functioning of the brain).

Piracetam belongs to a class of medicines known as GABA analogs, and it was initially developed as a treatment for myoclonus (a disorder that causes muscular twitches), however many people believe that it has nootropic benefits. It has been by patients with Alzheimer`s, to improve thinking and memory. Medical experts believe that it works by preventing a shortage of oxygen to the brain and increasing its availability of neurotransmitters. As of late, it has become popular as a dietary supplement, due to the fact that many people believe that it can make them smarter or improve focus, mental energy, memory and cognition.

Dosage and Administration

Prexaron Plus (Citicoline/Piracetam) consists of a combination that includes 2 different ingredients. A suitable dosage regimen will be determined by your physician before beginning treatment. Factors such as your current health, medical history and treatment requirements will be considered by your physician, and after this dosage and administration instructions can be given to you. The frequency of administration as well as the amount of tablets to be taken may be different for each patient, and full compliance with your physician`s instructions will be required.

Side effects

Administration of Prexaron Plus (Citicoline/Piracetam) tablets may cause side effects, and a list of possible reactions is given here:

  • Vertigo
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • An increase in body weight

It is necessary to promptly inform your physician of any reactions. The list of side effects given here is not complete, and other reactions that have not been mentioned are also possible. In the event that a severe reaction occurs, emergency medical treatment will be required.


If you are affected by clotting disorders or bleeding problems must inform their physician of their condition before beginning treatment, to ensure that the medicine is safe for them.

This medicine should not be taken by patients with Huntington`s disease.

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