Regnite (Gabapentin Enacarbil)



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Regnite (Gabapentin Enacarbil) is an anticonvulsant medicine indicated for the treatment of RLS (restless-leg syndrome) which is moderate to severe in nature.

This product is made and packaged in Japan and as a result of this, all of the information given on the label is in Japanese.

Brand Name : Regnite
Active Ingredients : Gabapentin
Manufacturer : Astellas
Country of Origin : Japan
Intended Patient : Unisex

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Regnite (Gabapentin Enacarbil) - 300mg (56 Tablets) Regnite (Gabapentin Enacarbil) Regnite (Gabapentin Enacarbil) - 300mg (56 Tablets)
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Regnite (Gabapentin Enacarbil) is an anticonvulsant medicine indicated for the treatment of RLS (restless-leg syndrome) which is moderate to severe in nature. It may help to reduce the sensory symptoms of this neurological disorder that can often occur at night (such as a general feeling of discomfort and a repeated urge to move the body), which in turn leads to improved rest. Some patients have also used this drug for PHN (Postherpetic neuralgia) and neuropathic pain. When used to relieve pain caused by the conditions listed here, it is believed to act by decreasing the amount of glutamate (a neurotransmitter) from being released in the brain.

Dosage and Administration

If you are being treated for idiopathic restless leg syndrome or postherpetic neuralgia with Regnite (Gabapentin Enacarbil) tablets, full dosage and administration instructions will be given to you by your physician. In some cases, the dosage prescribed by physicians for restless leg syndrome is 600mg (2 tablets) taken as a single dose once daily. The medicine is usually taken in the evening. Treatment of PHN may require different dosage instructions. It is worth noting that the correct dosage can vary for each patient, and patients must only administer the amount of medicine that their physician prescribes.

Side effects

Some side effects which have been reported by patients taking Regnite (Gabapentin Enacarbil) include:

  • Headache
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Dizzy sensation
  • Appetite increases
  • Coordination problems

You must inform your physician of any persistent or troublesome side effects. In addition to the commonly reported side effects, there is a possibility of severe reactions. Examples of serious side effects which will require immediate hospital treatment include inflammation of the limbs, changes in behavior, seizures and other potentially serious reactions that have not been listed in this paragraph.


Patients should be aware of the risk of suicidal ideation associated with this drug. If any unusual thoughts or strange behavior is noticed, the immediate attention of a physician will be needed.

Taking this medicine may significantly impair the patient`s ability to drive.

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