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Zidovir (Zidovudine) is classified as a nucleoside analog, and it treats HIV infections by inhibiting viral reverse transcriptase and DNA polymerases.

Brand Name : Zidovir
Active Ingredients : Zidovudine
Manufacturer : Cipla
Country of Origin : India
Intended Patient : Unisex
Zidovir (Zidovudine) - 300mg (10 Tablets) Zidovir (Zidovudine) - 300mg (10 Tablets) Image1 Zidovir (Zidovudine) - 300mg (10 Tablets) Image2
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Zidovir (Zidovudine) is classified as a nucleoside analog, and it treats HIV infections by inhibiting viral reverse transcriptase and DNA polymerases. The HIV virus needs to replicate its DNA in order to spread and infect more cells. An enzyme called RT (reverse transcriptase) is needed for this to take place, and by blocking RT, this medicine helps to terminate the DNA chain and prevent the virus from multiplying. Improvements in the clinical condition of patients can thereby be achieved. Some researchers have studied it for HIV prevention (prophylaxis).

Dosage and Administration

Zidovir (Zidovudine) comes in tablet form, and the medicine strength of each tablet is 300mg. If you are treating an infection caused by HIV, the physician may instruct you to take 300mg by mouth every 12 hours (equal to 600mg per day). Treatment will continue for as long as your physician deems necessary. Different guidelines may be followed by your physician when determining the dosage for post-exposure prophylaxis or occupational exposure. Therefore, it is important for all patients to strictly follow and comply with the directions given by the physician.

Side effects

Some HIV patients undergoing treatment with the antiviral medicine Zidovir (Zidovudine) may experience some side effects as a result of taking the medicine. Tell your physician if this happens. The list provided here contains some of the possible side effects:

  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Sleep disruption
  • Body fat abnormalities
  • Digestive upset or discomfort

The occurrence of serious side effects is usually less common. You will need to see a physician or attend the emergency room straight away if you notice infection symptoms, sudden and unexplainable weight reduction, seizures, changes in your mental state, a severely sore back or any other severe reactions that have not been referenced in this paragraph.


Zidovir (Zidovudine) can cause rare cases of lactic acidosis. This condition may begin rather slowly, but it can progressively deteriorate. It has the potential to be life threatening. You must consult your physician immediately if this occurs.

Antiretroviral medication will not prevent the transmission of the HIV virus to other people, and it is extremely important that you take every precautions possible to prevent this.

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