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Azodyl (Kibow Biotics) is a dietary supplement for pets which provides support to the kidneys by boosting the removal of uremic toxins.

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Brand Name : Azodyl
Active Ingredients : Kibow Biotics
Manufacturer : Vetoquinol
Country of Origin : United States
Intended Patient : Pet
Azodyl (Kibow Biotics) - 90 Capsules Please note: This product should be kept refrigerated.
Azodyl (Kibow Biotics) - 90 Capsules
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Azodyl (Kibow Biotics) is a dietary supplement for pets which provides support to the kidneys by boosting the removal of uremic toxins. Cats or dogs with chronic kidney disease can suffer from a wide range of effects that can lead to serious health problems if left untreated.

This is because renal failure prevents the kidneys from removing waste from the body. Instead, waste and nitrogen waste products (including creatine and urea) build up in the blood (this is referred to as azotemia), and the levels of toxins present in the bowel increases.

This product is made up from friendly bacteria (such as E. thermophilus, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum) which are absorbed into the body. Once in the bowel, they target and metabolize any uremic toxins present there, allowing these harmful substances to be removed from the animal`s body. This helps to reduce blood toxin levels and can help increase survival rates in pets with kidney disease.

Dosage and Administration

Azodyl (Kibow Biotics) is provided in the form of capsules, which must be given to the pet orally. Owners must take care not to crush, break or otherwise damage the capsule prior to administration. Veterinarians normally advise giving the capsule 1 hour before feeding the animal its main meal. Usually, the dosage is calculated based on the weight of the animal.

Owners of animals which weigh up to 5 pounds in weight are normally told to treat their animal with a single capsule every day. Pets which weigh 5 pounds to 10 pounds generally require 2 capsules per day (one in the morning and another in the evening). Heavier pets (greater than 10 pounds in body weight) are treated with 2 capsules in the morning and one in the evening. Always follow the directions provided by the veterinarian.

Side effects

All animals treated with Azodyl (Kibow Biotics) who appear to be sick or suffering from side effects should be brought to a veterinarian.


Azodyl (Kibow Biotics) capsules are only to be used in pets in accordance with the directions of a veterinarian. Humans must never ingest them.

If your pet`s condition does not improve, or if it worsens, take it to the veterinarian for further examination.

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