Panacur Oral Paste (Fenbendazole)



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Panacur Oral Paste (Fenbendazole) is a dewormer for domesticated cats and dogs which targets nematodes in the respiratory and gastro intestinal tracts.

Brand Name : Panacur
Active Ingredients : Fenbendazole
Manufacturer : Intervet
Country of Origin : United Kingdom
Intended Patient : Pet
Panacur Oral Paste (Fenbendazole) - 18.75% (5g) Panacur Oral Paste (Fenbendazole) - 18.75% (5g)
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Panacur Oral Paste (Fenbendazole) is a dewormer for domesticated cats and dogs which targets nematodes in the respiratory and gastro intestinal tracts. Veterinarians have even used it to treat kittens and puppies for protozoa (giardia spp., a microscopic parasite which infects the intestines of living organisms). This broad spectrum benzimidazole antihelminthic is considered effective against roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, tapeworm, pinworms, lungworm and other parasites.

It can be used to treat pets which are already infected with nematodes or worms which are either immature or mature, and it can also destroy any eggs laid by the parasites. Apart from treating pets which are already infected, it can also be used as part of a regular worming treatment schedule, so as to keep your pet safe from parasite infections and the health risks they pose.

Dosage and Administration

Panacur Oral Paste (Fenbendazole) comes provided in a special dosing syringe which contains 5g of paste. The medicine strength is 18.75%. Veterinarians calculate the required dosage based on the age of the pet and its body weight. The syringe contains graduations which allow pet owners to calculate the exact amount of paste to administer.

Pet owners will be directed to squeeze the correct dosage of paste onto the back of their pets tongue. It should be given after the animal has eaten. The required frequency of use depends when the animal becomes reinfected. Owners of animals who are said to be at a minimal risk of exposure to parasites may be advised to treat their animal 2 to 4 times per year, however those pets said to be at higher risk (such as dogs living in kennels) may need to be treated more frequently, sometimes as much as every 6 to 8 weeks.

Some types of infections may be more serious and could require daily treatment. In some cases, clinical worm infestations may need daily treatment for 3 days. Dogs suffering from a lungworm infection caused by Oselrus filaroides osleria generally require daily treatment for 7 days, and in some cases, a further course of treatment might be ordered by the veterinarian. Cats affected by lungworm (aelurostrongylus abstrusus) are normally treated for 3 days. Follow the instructions of the veterinarian in all cases.

Side effects

All pet owners are responsible for their animal`s health, and it is necessary to remain vigilant when treating your dog or cat with Panacur Oral Paste (Fenbendazole) for worms. Should it appear to be unwell, veterinary attention will be needed.


Wear gloves when giving Panacur Oral Paste (Fenbendazole) to your cat or dog, and wash your hands well after use. This medicine may not be suitable for all pets, and you should only use it on your animal if the veterinarian deems it safe to do so.

Under no circumstances should this medicine be used by humans. All the necessary precautions should be taken to ensure that accidental ingestion does not occur.

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