food mistakes

3 popular food mistakes

Healthy eating is very popular in the modern world, and every year more and more people are interested in it. But most people still continue to eat the way they have been used to since childhood. Unfortunately, most parents, grandparents, did not have information about the rules of healthy eating, and fed their children as best they could. This created many unhealthy eating habits and nutrition myths that still affect the lives and health of millions of people. Let’s consider the 3 most popular mistakes in nutrition to avoid them.

  1. Eating fruits and vegetables without skin.

Many of us have been convinced since childhood that the peel, which allegedly contains many toxins and harmful substances, is not absorbed and does not bring any benefit. That’s what our mothers told us, and their mothers told them. In fact, this is not true. Indeed, the peel is not absorbed by the body, but it is a source of fiber, which is necessary for the gastrointestinal tract. And no, it does not contain “all” harmful substances.

The main function of the skin is to protect the pulp from oxidation and exposure to sunlight. This is a kind of food film. The pulp, in each cell and intercellular fluid, contains nutrients, and the skin is a barrier that stores them. Have you ever wondered why most tropical fruits have thick skins? For example, oranges, bananas? Because the sun is more aggressive there. Such a skin is inconvenient and tasteless to eat. Although, lemon and orange peel can be added to baked goods or salads.

But plums, apples, pears, tomatoes have a thin skin, because they need a lower level of protection. And that’s all. Don’t make life difficult for yourself. Eat such vegetables and fruits with the skin and provide the body with fiber. But remember that before eating these products, you must wash them thoroughly under running water.

  1. Coffee and a cigarette.

Many people “breakfast” like this. Many people have this habit and often they do not know how much they harm the body. There is not much information about this combination. The fact is that coffee increases blood pressure and stimulates the nervous system. Nicotine helps lower blood pressure. And together, this is a huge burden on the body.

If you do not have the strength to quit smoking, try not to smoke at least 15-20 minutes before and after coffee. You can also use Champix or Zyban. These drugs are effective for quitting a nicotine addiction. Unlike other medicines, their ingredients do not contain nicotine. Champix mimics the effects of nicotine through altering chemicals in your brain. Zyban works by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain, which can help reduce the craving for cigarettes.

  1. Sugar is evil.

You can hear this many times a day – from the TV, from people around you and anyone. Sugar is not evil, but ordinary glucose that can be used by the human brain and the whole body. Of course, some people need to significantly reduce the consumption of sweets, because excess is especially harmful for people with diabetes and problematic skin.