6 habits that benefit your teeth

It is very expensive to solve any problems with teeth, and in addition they are accompanied by unpleasant sensations, so people try to monitor the health of their teeth as well as possible, but sometimes all efforts lose their usefulness due to the simplest human habits.

In order not to damage the teeth, it is recommended:

Drink as much water as possible

This has two advantages. The first is that a person “rinses” his mouth while drinking, as a result of which food does not accumulate between the teeth, and no negative processes begin. The second advantage is that the body is at the optimal level of water balance, respectively, in the mouth there is a sufficient amount of saliva and plaque is not quickly formed on the teeth.

Drinking through a straw

It does not matter whether it is natural drinks or some carbonated water, they will still remain on the teeth in the form of plaque, and it is harmful. If you want to drink, but can not then rinse your mouth, the problem will be solved by a simple straw, due to which the liquid will touch the teeth less than usual, respectively, they will remain in excellent condition longer.

Stop following strict diets

It is important to remember that teeth also need vitamins. Therefore, they must enter the body in adequate quantities, and this is impossible with strict diets.

Strict diets are dietary restrictions and, consequently, negative consequences for teeth. It is important to understand that diet may not be beneficial, but it will significantly worsen the condition of the whole body, including teeth.

Avoid sudden changes

Teeth are often very sensitive to food that is too cold or too hot, but it is even worse if a person eats something cold immediately after a hot meal and vice versa. Tooth enamel suffers from this, and therefore such changes in food temperature should be avoided if possible.

Refusal of too solid food

Teeth are one of the strongest organs in the human body. But very solid food is not food that will improve their condition. Solid food can not be eaten in its original form, unless necessary. Of course, this does not mean that it needs to be ground, but the “level” of hardness should be reduced.

Eliminate any mechanical damage

In addition to accidental injuries to the jaw, teeth can be significantly affected by the habit of chewing hard objects, such as a pen cap or a chain, and by not trying to bite any objects, such as floss, hard caramel, or unpeeled nuts. It is recommended to give up this habit. No matter what reason a person does, the fact is that all this leads to serious damage to the teeth, including their enamel. The less damage, the healthier the teeth.

Almost everyone has bad habits to one degree or another, and the sooner a person gets rid of them, the healthier his teeth will be.

And of course, we must not forget about their hygiene, which is no less important for the health of the entire oral cavity.

If you still have a toothache, take Acupan or Novalgin and see a dentist as soon as possible.