Children’s hygiene products: shampoos and deodorants

Baby skin, like the whole body, has certain features, so special care is needed. Let’s find out what are the nuances in choosing baby hygiene products.

Shampoo for children

Keep in mind that children’s hair and skin are very delicate and can be easily damaged by means of aggressive ingredients such as preservatives, sodium chloride, dyes, and spicy fragrances. These substances not only dry the skin and hair but can also cause irritation.

Shampoos with a natural composition are suitable for children. Baby shampoos contain mild action components, including betaine, succinate, and glucosides. Also included in the composition are extracts of medicinal herbs, panthenol, oils, vitamins or proteins of wheat germ. Supplements with a soothing effect, such as lipid enhancers, are also useful.

Keep in mind that the aroma and color of such agents should not be saturated. At the same time, shampoos “with no tears” are considered to be the safest because they do not irritate the mucous membranes.


Usually, children`s sweat is devoid of smell. But everyone person has their own physiology, and with the onset of puberty, deodorant is already needed. In addition, at a certain age, sweating increases in children and an unpleasant odor begins to appear. In such cases, natural deodorants that do not clog pores are best suited.

Properties of children`s deodorants:

  • Safe composition (excluding aluminum salts, triclosan, and alcohol);
  • Soft action that does not prevent sweating;
  • Slightly pronounced odor;
  • Antibacterial action that kills and slows down the reproduction of microorganisms.


Cosmetologists advise the use of salt crystal deodorants. They are considered the safest for children`s skin because they do not contain fragrances.

Mineral deodorants act as an antiseptic, eliminating bacteria that cause a bad smell. At the same time, these products affect only the top layer of the skin, slightly drying it, but not impeding breathing and thermoregulation. Additionally, it can be comfortable, because your clothes don’t get dirty.

After uses wipe the baby’s skin and store it in a dry place.

Solid deodorant with your own hands

Natural children`s deodorants can also be made at home.

You will need:

  • Bottle of deodorant;
  • 2 teaspoons of coconut oil;
  • 2 teaspoons of baking soda;
  • 2 teaspoons of corn starch;
  • 2-3 capsules of Vitamin E;
  • 5 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Mix the baking soda with coconut oil, places it in a water bath and heat. Then pierce the vitamin E capsules with a large needle, add contents of capsules to the soda with oil and mix, but do not bring to a boil. Add the aromatic oil and mix again. Meanwhile, put some paper in the bottle. Pour the mixture into the prepared container and refrigerate for 2 hours. After that deodorant can be used.

How to use sweat products:

  • Apply only on dry, clean skin.
  • To cleanse the skin after a workout, use a children`s shower gel and then use sweat products. Before bed, it is better to refuse deodorant.
  • Wait a few minutes for the product to absorb and then put on the clothes.
  • No need for deodorant before visiting the pool.
  • Natural deodorant can be used several times a day.
  • Sweat products should not be on the skin for more than 12 hours.