How to protect hair in hot weather

When the weather is warm outside, hair needs special care. How to properly care for hair during this period? We will tell you about it in this article.

In the summer, hair needs additional protection (conditioners, balms, sunscreens) from the sun, wind, etc.

Ultraviolet has a very adverse effect on the condition of the hair. As a result, it becomes dull and lifeless. In addition, hair loses elasticity. In any case, in the summer season, you should wash your hair more often. At this time, there is more dust in the air, which makes hair dry. Therefore, hair gets dirty several times faster in the summer.

And if you are vacationing on the sea or a salt lake? In this case, salt will additionally affect the hair. It “settles” inside the hair and destroys its structure. Hair becomes brittle and tangled.

Water in the pool can seriously damage your hair. The water there, as a rule, does not contain salt in its composition, but at the same time it contains chlorine. It has a very bad effect on the condition of the hair. So, in order to preserve the condition of the hair, it should be better taken care of.

First of all, you should protect your hair from the sun in the summer. Wearing straw hats will help protect hair; they are able to easily let air to the hair and delay the effect of damage from the sun’s rays.

After swimming in the sea and pools, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water. In addition, in the summer we recommend that you use specialized hair care products (for example, Aloe Vera shampoo) to protect your hair.

Also, we recommend that you use shampoos, balms and styling products that contain UV filters in the summer. You can choose special series for protection from the sun, which are available from many cosmetic companies. As a rule, they contain a full range of hair care products. Some of these care products can be used before going outside, others – after.

Use special shampoos suitable for daily hair washing. At the same time, their composition should be as “soft” as possible. Also, shampoos should have a moisturizing effect. It is great if such shampoos contain seaweed extracts, nourishing hair, silk proteins, and collagens. So carefully look at the composition of shampoos.

If you do not use hair masks, then in this case we advise you to use balms from time to time. We recommend applying it to clean hair, covering it with a towel, waiting for 20 minutes, then rinsing with water.

If you notice hair loss in the summer, use special creams that will stop this problem, for example, Retino-A (Tretinoin). This product increase cell reproduction and accelerate dead cell removal. This will promote the growth of new, healthy hair.

It is better to dye your hair after the vacation, or at least a week or two before it. And we advise you to get a haircut at the beginning of summer. In this case, your hair will have much more strength to resist the harmful effects of the sun. As a result, your hair will remain healthy.