Sweets without sugar for the daily diet

Many diseases develop due to excess sugar consumption. No one should consume a lot of simple carbohydrates, especially people with diabetes. But any person needs carbohydrates for life, and everyone wants goodies. But finding the golden mean is quite difficult if you do not have special knowledge and ideas for healthy desserts.

Sugar is a carbohydrate that gives a person energy. First of all, it is worth knowing that such carbohydrates as sugar should be consumed in the first half of the day, that is, before lunch. This will be better for the health of the body as a whole.

In order to consume less sugar, it is better to give preference to homemade desserts and sweets, rather than store goodies. In this case, you have a great opportunity to control the amount of sugar you consume.

There are different types of sugar. And not all sugar is equally harmful. Cane sugar is more useful than beet sugar. And fructose is considered the most useful type of natural sugar, since its source is natural fruits. For an adult, the daily norm is from ten to twenty-two grams of sugar. Fructose can be consumed a little more, up to thirty grams per day, besides, it can be consumed by people with diabetes.

You need to limit not only the sugar you put in desserts, drinks, and baked goods, but also the sugar in fruit. Each fruit contains between one and four spoons of sugar. That is, one fruit contains as much sugar as one cup of sweet tea or coffee.

The most useful desserts are those prepared without sugar, but with the addition of fruit, as they are a source of fructose. In addition, homemade desserts are much tastier than store-bought ones. Fruits can be used to make jelly, cakes, pastries and even homemade ice cream. The amount of sugar in these dishes will be significantly lower than those available in cafes and restaurants. This allows you to follow a healthy lifestyle, control the amount of sugar consumed, as well as delight yourself with a variety of home-made desserts.

But in this case, people with diabetes must take medicines that prevent changes in blood sugar levels, for example, Glucobay or Accarb. These medicines are oligosaccharides. Their antihyperglycemic properties are instead due to it working in the intestines and competitively inhibiting alpha glucosidases (an enzyme which functions by breaking down disaccharides, starch and sucrase into glucose). This in turn ensures that any carbohydrates consumed by the diet are digested more slowly, and it also means that it will take a longer time for sugar to enter the bloodstream.

A healthy diet is not unsweetened and unsalted food, but rather the opposite – tasty and varied dishes from different products. Beautiful tableware helped to create a holiday every day on the dinner table. It is not only what you cook with that matters, but also what you serve it in. Designer plates, exclusive glasses, decorative elements for serving will make the mood better and the dishes more appetizing.