unhealthy food

Unhealthy food and its impact on the stomach

The food available at restaurants, fast food is far from being beneficial to human health. Unfortunately, the number of people suffering from obesity, diabetes, and stomach diseases continues to rise. In many cases, these conditions occur due to the consumption of fast food, canned food, eating on the go, all of which are main factors contributing to these diseases.

One of the dangers is the consumption of food containing various artificial dyes and preservatives. Sweet carbonated drinks, in particular, are especially harmful due to their high benzoate content. Benzoates can disrupt the normal functioning of the stomach and intestines, leading to digestive problems such as peptic ulcers and gastritis. It is worth noting that prolonged consumption of these products increases the risks to the human bodies. Additionally, products containing tartrazine, such as ready-made side dishes, bouillon cubes, instant soups, and even confectionery, can also pose a threat to person`s health.

Fast food, in particular, is harmful and dangerous due to its lack of essential vitamins and nutrients, excessive amounts of carcinogens, and various artificial dyes. Despite their high calorie content, fast food doesn`t provide adequate energy and instead contribute to the formation of fat deposits, leading to increased risks of stomach diseases. Individuals with atherosclerosis, hypertension, and diabetes are strongly advised to avoid these products.

French fries, for example, are fried in oil, as a result of which carcinogens are formed, which have a negative effect on the stomach. Similarly, chips cooked in transgenic fats are also detrimental, because it is difficult for the human body to digest and excrete such fats, which leads to their accumulation in blood vessels, atherosclerosis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Regular consumption of these products is highly undesirable for children and adolescents.

Grilled or barbecued foods also may come with negative consequences. For instance, grilled chicken, due to the cooking process, poses a double danger. The combination of excessive spices and fat that overheats on skewers can result in the formation of carcinogens that can harm the stomach and even lead to cancer. Shawarma meat can also have carcinogenic substances due to the overheated fat.

It is important to note that while these products and similar ones are safe for occasional consumption, they should not be part of a regular diet. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that even certain ordinary foods can cause gastrointestinal problems. Spinach, tomatoes, and citrus fruits, despite their high vitamin content, can aggravate gastric pathologies. Individuals with high stomach acidity should avoid vegetable-based dishes and fresh salads, as they can increase gastric juice secretion, leading to heartburn, stomach pain, and potentially nausea and vomiting. If you have these symptoms, take Omez or Omezol Relief.