healthy eating

What prevents healthy eating? 5 stereotypes

A modern person, with today’s intense pace of life, does not always manage to adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition. According to them, the main meals should be at the same time every day, it is better to eat only freshly prepared food, the meal should last at least half an hour. Is it possible to eat healthy at the pace of today’s life? It’s real. The main thing is to get rid of those stereotypes, which, as it seems, do not interfere with keeping a normal figure and health.

Stereotype 1. Frequent diets.

According to nutritionists, dieting is not the best way to lose weight, no matter how strange it sounds. The basis of most diets is an unbalanced diet, due to which a person quickly loses weight due to the loss of fluid in the body and muscle tissue. Meals should be balanced, timely, and it is also important not to overeat.

Also, to speed up weight loss and not lose motivation, take drugs that help decrease weight, for example, Orligal or Xenical.

Stereotype 2. Morning without breakfast.

Nutritionists believe that it is necessary to have breakfast every day, because breakfast provides energy to a person throughout the day. In addition, if you do not eat breakfast, you can overeat at lunch or dinner, and therefore harm your health and figure.

If you don’t feel like having breakfast in the morning, choose your favorite foods for this meal and gradually get used to eating in the morning.

Stereotype 3. Eating while watching movies, TV shows, etc.

Many people often eat while watching TV or working at the computer. In fact, this is wrong, because in this case it is difficult to control the amount of food eaten, and dependence of one on the other may occur, and a person can no longer imagine watching TV without food.

Getting rid of this stereotype is quite simple, you have to choose a time during which you can only eat, you don’t have to work or anything like that. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot eat something and watch TV, sometimes when you want to combine TV with food, it is better to put some food on the plate in advance (for example, 200-300 grams of food).

It is also better not to eat on the go and in a hurry.

Stereotype 4. Do not eat after 6 pm.

This is also a stereotype and you can eat it in the evening without harming your health and figure. On the contrary, according to nutritionists, some people are not recommended to have more than 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, because of this stress occurs in the body and exhausts it.

The last meal should be 3-4 hours before bedtime. This is the time during which the food will be completely digested. People with diabetes are allowed to eat two hours before bedtime.

Stereotype 5. You should never eat sweets, fast food, etc.

The main problem of many people who try to eat healthy is that they do not allow themselves what they really want, because they believe that sooner or later a person will begin to overeat “forbidden” food. Some do not even allow themselves to eat sweet fruits – apples, pears, bananas .

If you really want pizza, why not indulge yourself? You don’t have to scold yourself for goodies, you can eat unhealthy food every day, but the portions should not be large.