healthy and beautiful hair

What your hair will tell you

Many girls, women and even men want to have healthy and beautiful hair every day. But sometimes, instead of pride, it brings anxiety. Do you know how many hairs a person has on his head? It is approximately one hundred thousand hairs. Each of them grows for about 2-6 years. After that, it falls out and a new hair grows in that place. Several phases are known: growth, transition and resting phase. During the last phase, they stop growing. Approximately 10-15% of all hairs are in this phase. It is interesting that hair grows by about one centimeter in a month. It turns out that the growth of all hairs can be up to 20 meters per day!

Now let’s find out why in some people they are light, in others they are dark, and in others they are completely red. It turns out that there is such a pigment that is responsible for the presence of a certain shade not only of hair, but also of skin and eyes. This is melanin. Brunettes have the most melanin, but blondes have almost none. But while people are young, hair color pleases a person. And later gray hair appears. It symbolizes the coming old age, and it does not depend on the gender of a person. Many are upset about this.

Why does hair turn gray? It is known that hair grows from the bulb in which they receive melanin. Melanin comes from pigment cells. Scientists still do not know why pigment cells suddenly stop producing melanin. And what can be done? The majority of women simply dye their hair. People have been using this procedure since ancient Greece and Rome. Of course, this should be done regularly, as regrown hair becomes noticeable after 10-20 days, especially in dark-haired people. There is another way – some people inject melanin. But this procedure can be performed only by a doctor or cosmetologist.

Another nuisance is hair loss. There are many reasons – stress, unhealthy diet, hyperthermia, some skin diseases, pregnancy, immune disorders and others. In some cases, baldness in small areas of the head is possible, and this disease is called alopecia. If you find and try to get rid of the cause, you can stop hair loss. Many people notice that their hair becomes thinner over time. It was found that the thickness of one hair is 50-100 microns. Hair becomes thinner with age and their total volume decreases accordingly. Some men with androgenic alopecia may even need a male hair transplant. To avoid this with this pathology, it is necessary to take certain drugs, such as Finax, and apply special solutions, such as Regaine. Finax slows down the loss of hair and help new hair to grow on the scalp in men affected by androgenic alopecia. And Regain by increasing the size of the hair follicles and allowing more blood to flow to them, helps to reactivate the hair growth cycle.

How to take care of your hair so that it brings joy and is healthy and beautiful for as long as possible? Follow a healthy diet so that it contains many useful substances. DO NOT follow strict low-calorie diets. It is also very important to wash your hair correctly and regularly, use a shampoo suitable for your hair type.