Why does a nervous shock provoke an exacerbation of psoriasis?

Emotional experiences are a serious shock to the whole body. To survive them, the body must change the functioning of all systems. They work in “emergency mode”.

Stress alone cannot affect the development of any pathology. This is the body’s natural response to an external threat. But under constant stress there is physical exhaustion, which leads to the development of somatic disease.

If the stress effect continues, the body begins to feel nervous exhaustion, the immune system is seriously affected, there are signs of intoxication. All this contributes to the exacerbation of psoriasis. The pathological process further aggravates the emotional situation.

Nervous psoriasis requires urgent medical attention. As soon as you notice a rash, you need to see a specialist as soon as possible. It is important to understand that pathological skin changes or psoriasis on the nails will not disappear by themselves. Timely comprehensive therapy (for example, Aceret and Aprezo) will help reduce the severity of the reaction, improve well-being.

In difficult situations, many changes occur in the body. Stress hormones begin to be produced: adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol. Psoriasis occurs due to changes in the body. Nervous psoriasis provokes a weakening of immunity. Because stress hormones redirect all resources to fight the stimulus, it weakens the body’s defenses and contributes to the manifestation of chronic infections. As a result of stressful situations, a person may face the following problems:

  • eating disorders;
  • nausea;
  • lack of appetite.

Lack of healthy foods in your diet leads to a deficiency of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This has a negative effect on health and provokes relapse. Some people start abusing food and neglecting their diet due to stress. Excessive stress on the liver switches it to neutralize toxins from digestion and excludes this organ from fighting chronic diseases.

Very often stressful situations provoke drinking alcohol and smoking. Doctors especially insist on the inadmissibility of the use of these substances during the exacerbation of the disease. Drinking alcohol and smoking can lead to relapse in just a few days.

Insomnia can occur after stress psoriasis. Due to the disturbance of the nervous system, circadian rhythms are destroyed, a person does not get enough productive sleep. This causes constant changes in the body and affects the course of chronic diseases.

To reduce the intensity of relapses, it is necessary to normalize the functioning of the nervous system. Experts recommend following these recommendations:

  • reduce the number of nervous shocks;
  • follow a diet;
  • consume sufficient clean water;
  • get enough sleep every day;
  • check the state of immunity;
  • lead an active lifestyle;
  • spend enough time outdoors.