10 signs that you need to start losing weight

  1. Shortness of breath.

If you find it difficult to climb stairs, do any physical activity, and in general the activity quickly disables you, then know that this is a consequence of being overweight. To maintain your figure, you need to exercise regularly, go to the pool and take a lot of walks in the fresh air. In addition to burning calories, exercise also speeds up your metabolism.

  1. Snoring.

Apart from the fact that snoring can hardly be called an aesthetic phenomenon, it is also very dangerous for your health. The reason lies in the extra pounds. Excess fat on the neck narrows the airways, causing pauses in breathing. As a result, snoring occurs during sleep.

  1. The appearance of redness on the face and body.

If you have red spots on your face and body, it is possible that your body reacts in this way to excess adipose tissue. The first step is to see a dermatologist, who will prescribe you a course of treatment (e.g. Advantan or Daivobet). Also, be sure to limit your intake of fatty, fried and sweet foods. All this can provoke a rash.

  1. Chronic fatigue.

Being overweight is a burden, not only physical but also emotional. You do not want anything, you are constantly depressed, and fatigue appears from the moment you wake up. All of these are clear signs that it’s time to start taking care of your health.

  1. Constant feeling of hunger.

Prolonged hunger can be caused by two factors:

  • you eat junk food (sweets, burgers) that quickly provides satiety and just as quickly makes you want to eat something else;
  • Your body is trying to tell you that you have diabetes.

If your figure is significantly different from ideal and you notice the appearance of these symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor.

  1. High pressure.

To lower high blood pressure and cholesterol without pills, you can lose extra pounds. This method is the safest and most stable.

  1. An imperfect body.

Cellulite is an obvious sign of being overweight. Sign up for individual training, buy a season ticket to the pool and make a menu. In a couple of weeks you will find that your weight will decrease.

Also, you can calculate your ideal body weight (body mass index). The rate of this indicator is in the range from 18.5 to 24.9.

  1. Predisposition to cancer.

Learn about your family’s medical history. If any of your relatives have ever had cancer, you may have a predisposition to the disease. This is another very serious reason to avoid significant weight gain.

  1. Back pain.

Being overweight is a stress for the body and joints. Before you are tempted to eat a hamburger, think about what is more important to you. The health of your back depends on proper nutrition and exercise.

  1. Weight gain.

If your weight is increasing every month, it is a sign that it is time to pay more attention to your health. Lead an active lifestyle, play sports and strive for harmony with yourself.