7 methods of osteoporosis prevention

If you do not belong to the risk group of osteoporosis, it does not mean that this pathology does not threaten you. In this case, the chances of its development are reduced, but still everyone must follow the methods of prevention of this disease.

  1. Lifestyle.

Maintaining health is the most important preventive measure against osteoporosis. Thus, a good diet and the abandonment of bad habits can save you from many troubles in the future. For example, smoking causes prolonged capillary spasm and prevents the flow of minerals to the bones.

  1. Food.

Your diet should be balanced and rich in Ca. In addition to Ca, food should be rich in Mg and P, as well as vitamin D. All these vitamins are found in egg yolk, liver, sea fish, and fresh greens. Grains, as well as soy, contain natural estrogen. It prevents the destruction of bone tissue. A low-fat diet disrupts the absorption of minerals into the body’s cells. So, eat a varied and healthy diet. Include lots of greens and less salt and sugar in your diet.

  1. Medications.

If the amount of Ca and vitamin D does not reach the daily norm, it is necessary to choose drugs (eg, Alpha D3) that will increase their level. Taking such drugs for osteoporosis is both a treatment and prevention, because it is impossible to restore bones without a normal amount of minerals. For proper medication you need to seek medical consultation. For prevention, often use drugs that inhibit the activity of osteoclasts (cells that destroy bone tissue). Such drugs are highly efficient and easy to use.

  1. Physical activity.

Exercise also helps maintain bone density. It can be not only sports training, but also dancing, fitness or aerobics. Moderate strength training on exercise machines is also useful. The main thing is that physical activity was regular. This is useful for prevention, as muscle inactivity contributes to bone demineralization.

A very effective preventive measure will be special medical exercises for osteoporosis (even if you are not sick with it).

  1. Sunlight.

If you live in areas where there is little sunlight, it is advisable to go once a year to places where your skin can be saturated with sunlight.

  1. Treatment of chronic diseases.

If you suffer from pathologies that lead to impaired calcium absorption, you need to treat these diseases. Such diseases are hormonal disorders, some diseases of the liver and kidneys. If it is not possible to fully recover, undergo mineral replacement therapy.

  1. Medical supervision.

Preventive measures to prevent osteoporosis are important for everyone. If you have a predisposition to developing this disease, regular medical supervision is necessary. Examine yourself regularly and use preventative measures that help your body.