11 reasons why your hair looks bad

  1. Dirty hair appliances.

For millions of years, mankind has used hairbrushes, curlers, various straighteners and combs. These and other styling devices must be clean. After some time, fat, dirt and dust accumulate on their surface, which clog the pores of the scalp and leads to hair loss.

  1. Sunglasses.

Most women have one very bad habit of wearing glasses on their heads. The glasses squeeze the hair follicles, which inevitably leads to hair loss. In addition, you can periodically tear off hair particles when you try to return the accessory to its proper place.

  1. Shampoo.

We all adore this little helper, and without him it is impossible to imagine the modern world. Please note that even the best of shampoos with frequent use can clog the pores of the scalp, cause inflammation and thinning of the hair.

  1. Frequent washing.

The effect of frequent washing depends on the type of skin and hair. But remember that the shampoo washes away not only dirt but also grease. Therefore, if you wash your hair too often, there is a high probability that the scalp and hair will become dry. The thicker your hair and less oily skin, the less often you need to wash your head with shampoo.

  1. Lack of sun protection.

Hair, like skin, must be protected from the harmful effects of the environment and sunlight. This is especially important in the summer.  Choose hair care products containing SPF protection. In hot weather, be sure to wear hats to protect your hair.

  1. Cotton pillowcases.

Cotton bedding has one very controversial feature: it absorbs moisture well.  Proximity of cotton bedding to our body during sleep means that pillowcases and sheets can absorb moisture from our hair and skin, which leads to a violation of the hydrolipidic balance. This is one of the reasons why scientists recommend starting the morning with a glass of water. An alternative of cotton bedding can be silk.

  1. Towels.

Hair becomes more vulnerable when wet, so aggressive friction of hair can injure them. It is necessary to gently pat the hair with a towel, which made of microfiber: this is the least traumatic fabric.

  1. Tight ponytail.

A tight high ponytail is the real enemy of healthy hair. Despite the fact that such a hairstyle looks amazing, it is better to avoid it, because strong pressure on the hair follicles leads to deterioration of hair.

  1. Malnutrition.

Food is one of the main sources of beauty. Without proper nutrition, there will be neither shiny hair, nor a beautiful figure, nor health in principle. For healthy hair water, iron, vitamins A, C, D and E are especially important.

  1. Hair dyeing.

Baldness and thinning hair do not threaten you if you change color every 4-6 weeks (not more often). It is also important that the hair dye is always of good quality. But, if you change color often then you can say goodbye to healthy curls.

  1. Improper care.

You need to take care not only of hair but also the scalp. It needs special massage exfoliating scrubs and moisturizing masks.