13 ways to stay healthy at work

  1. Be busy.

Idleness is even more tiring than stress. Therefore, in your free time at work, do activities that you could not do before, or do something for the future. Another option is to help colleagues who do not have time for something: time will pass quickly and you will do a good deed.

  1. Do not drink energy drinks.

Regular consumption of energy drinks raises blood pressure and blood sugar, provokes tachycardia and even depression. It is extremely harmful to combine energy drinks with alcohol. It is better to drink natural coffee than energy drinks.

  1. Use air conditioning sparingly.

Even if it heats in the cold and cools in the heat, the conditioner dries the air, which is harmful to the skin and lungs, as well as provokes headaches, fatigue and eye pain.

  1. If you get sick, stay home.

If you do not rest during the illness, you can quickly get sick again, and this increases the risk of complications in the future.

  1. Ventilate the room.

In winter, this can be done during the lunch break, and at other times the windows can always be open. Unless, of course, there is a factory or highway nearby.

  1. Do not forget that workaholism is a disease.

Work is only a part of life, not its only meaning. Even if you have no other business temporarily, in your free time do pleasant and useful things, but not work.

  1. Keep calm.

No quarrels at work should affect your health. Moderate stress, which does not recur often, is even useful, but constant nervous tension contributes to a large number of diseases.

  1. Take a vacation.

Do not postpone vacation to next year, otherwise you risk suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Instead, you can divide the holiday into several parts, if a week’s rest is enough for you.

  1. If necessary, take pills.

If necessary, do not be afraid to take medication. If you have a headache, take Panadol or Progynova, depending on the cause. Also, pay attention to factors such as heat, dry air, fatigue, or a monitor that is too close. Take medication, eliminate the cause and rest for at least five minutes.

  1. Do what you like.

Constant dissatisfaction with work, colleagues, the environment, the profession itself – these are the causes of stress, fatigue, irritability and many diseases, including hypertension and depression.

  1. Wear clothes made of natural fabrics.

Synthetic fabrics are not only unpleasant to the touch, but also harmful to the skin. If you need to wear a uniform at work, then choose natural fabrics for it.

  1. Go in for sports.

If you have a sedentary job, enroll in a fitness club, where you will go before or after work or even during lunch break. As a last resort, walk at least part of the way to work.

  1. Smile.

Smile at colleagues, the boss, the cleaner, the security guard – anyone. Proved: the connection between positivity and a smile is two-way. A smile promotes the production of endorphins, and they give a feeling of calm, joy, improve mood and prolong life. And mental harmony is the key to physical harmony.