5 Ways to Maintain Your Mental Health and Prevent Bipolar Disorder

  1. Analyze where you spend energy.

Most often, energy is spent where a person does not feel pleasure and joy. Therefore, you need to analyze your life. Divide the sheet of paper into sections: family, career, friends, health, etc. Take the markers and give meaning to all the colors that will be used. For example, red means anxiety, green – calm, orange – energy, gray – sadness or fatigue. Paint each section in the most appropriate color. It is important to rely only on your feelings. This exercise will help you visually assess your energy loss. Once you understand which area of ​​your life is suffering, it will be easier for you to be filled with positive energy.

  1. Find your goal.

When a person lives, fulfilling his destiny, energy flows to him. But the difficulty lies in finding a way. At the same time, it is important to enjoy the process itself. You can use a variety of ways to find what gives you energy. Ask yourself what you would do if you didn’t have to make money. If you don’t change anything, that’s fine.

  1. Make a list of achievements.

A healthy psychological state is directly related to self-esteem. If your self-esteem is low, you will not be motivated to act. The easiest way to reach your potential is to make a list of the achievements you have made in your life. Whenever you have doubts about your abilities, take this list and read it aloud.

Also ask your loved ones to answer the question why they love you and what they learned from you. You will find that their answers will surprise you and help raise your self-esteem. During the week, praise yourself for even the smallest achievements. This will teach your brain to focus on the positive. This skill will help you maintain a healthy psychological state.

  1. Feel the state of happiness.

Happiness can be felt at any time, and it does not depend on external circumstances. Strange as it may sound, you can develop the ability to feel happy. Remember in detail the happiest day of your life. Maybe it was the birth of a child or the New Year, when your parents gave you a toy. Write down your feelings with these memories. Then try to imagine your condition and experience these emotions. After this meditation you will feel a lot of energy and vitality. Your brain will tune in to receive these sensations daily. To be happy means to be healthy both psychologically and physically.

  1. Communicate only with positive people.

In everyday life, communicate only with positive and intellectually developed people. Look for people with similar interests and worldviews. Create a circle of communication in which you can relax or learn something new. Toxic people take away your energy even during a simple conversation. The environment directly affects your mental health. So, try to surround yourself every day with people who will fill your life with positive events.

But if you notice that you can not cope with the deterioration of psycho-emotional state, see a doctor and take drugs such as Arpizol or Depilox.