6 tips on how to spend your summer to avoid autumn depression

  1. Do outdoor sports.

Summer is the perfect time to change from a gym workout to a waterfront jog or a park yoga. You don’t have to do hard sports. You can combine physical activity with fun and play volleyball with friends or ride a bike around the city together. Studies show that polluted city air should not interfere with exercise, because it is useful to play sports outdoors, even in a big city. Just remember to drink enough water after exercise.

  1. Normalize sleep.

In summer it is more pleasant to wake up early than at any other time of the year. This period is good for forming a sleep schedule. In summer, try to go to bed before 22.00 and wake up until 8.00. Also, use silk bedding to help you get enough sleep. Such linen does not heat up as quickly as cotton or other fabrics. Good sleep is necessary in order to prevent the development of autumn depression. Because when the body sleeps for a sufficient amount of time, you easily adapt to new circumstances.

  1. Relax outside the city.

You can leave the city with friends or parents for at least a few hours. No need to cook traditional kebabs – instead you can have a picnic, take a walk in the woods or swim in the lake. A good rest will fill you with pleasant memories and energy. You will also get a dose of a very important vitamin D. All this will help you to be in a good mood on autumn days.

  1. Learn something new.

In three summer months, you can learn something new. For example, register for interesting courses on the Internet or start learning a foreign language. After all, if you do not have enough inspiration in winter, in summer there is usually no problem. In addition, plenty of seasonal fruit in the summer is a great reason to improve your cooking skills and learn how to make different types of jams. The main thing is to do what you are really interested in. Summer energy will help you not to be depressed in the fall.

  1. Travel around your city.

Take a walk around the city where you live and imagine that you are a tourist. Go to a museum or gallery and see local attractions. This way of spending the weekend is suitable for those who for some reason can not go on vacation. The main thing is not to leave time for sadness in the summer. Take a walk or out of town for a picnic to relax, improve your mood and prevent the development of autumn depression.

In summer, you can spend as much time outdoors as you want, so try to work, relax outside as well. To combine the benefits with pleasure, you can watch a movie in large parks.

  1. Choose a time when you do nothing and actually rest.

You do not need to plan every minute to have a good rest. Sometimes it is helpful to just relax and allow yourself to forget about business for a while. Everyone needs rest to improve their mood and better efficiency.

But, if with the onset of autumn, you still notice signs of depression, see your doctor and take antidepressants, such as Amirol or Apo-Clomipramine.