6 myths about arthritis

Myth 1. Arthritis is always a separate disease.

Arthritis can be inflammatory, metabolic and dystrophic. But some of them are only a symptom of a certain disease – hereditary diseases, diabetes, any infection, trauma. In addition, the cause of joint diseases can be an allergy to pollen, food, emissions from factories, cosmetics and more. Arthritis can also be a symptom of cancer. But the most common causes of joint pain are household or professional overload, overweight.

Myth 2. The disease manifests itself only in old age.

The first signs of arthritis may appear in childhood. During this period, often no one recognizes the symptoms. If 2-3 years have passed since the beginning of the disease, it becomes chronic. Then you need to regularly take anti-inflammatory drugs (Apo-Prednisone) and painkillers (Apo-Diclo). These drugs slow the progression of the disease, dulling the severity. But if the cause of arthritis is clarified and degenerative changes in the tissues have not yet occurred, there is hope for recovery. It is generally accepted that arthritis is most common in people over the age of 60, but recently arthritis has become more common in young people.

Myth 3. Joints hurt due to weather changes.

The joints “feel” the approach of weather changes in advance. But the pain can also be exacerbated by psychological stress. As a result, there is a deterioration in general well-being and even exacerbation of the underlying disease. Therefore, doctors recommend avoiding stressful situations or at such a time to increase the dose of medication taken. Also, one of the causes of exacerbation may be an allergy to certain foods. Probably the cause of increased pain is allergies or stress, not magnetic storms.

Myth 4. There is a miracle pill that will completely relieve joint pain.

Often people use herbs for joint pain, dietary supplements and more. Despite the recommendations of doctors, they are engaged in self-medication. First of all, in case of pain it is necessary to find out the diagnosis and the reason of a disease. Each organism needs individual treatment depending on the cause of the disease and the condition of the organism. Practice shows that widely advertised drugs are not effective for joint pain.

There is no pill that can completely cure arthritis. To get rid of pain, you need a comprehensive examination. As a result, your doctor will prescribe treatment to help reduce your symptoms.

Myth 5. Arthritis can be cured with massage.

Massage can help with mild arthritis. In the later stages of the disease, massage treatment is ineffective, and in some cases even contraindicated. You may feel relief for an hour, but no more.

Myth 6. Exercise is contraindicated in arthritis.

Harmful as excessive exercise and physical inactivity. If you have a sedentary job, try to compensate for the lack of movement with exercise, swimming, cycling, fitness. Physiotherapy will also help to activate blood circulation.