8 tips on how to prepare for vacation for people with multiple sclerosis

Changing the situation, vivid impressions, communication with new people inspire and improve the state of mind. To make the trip comfortable and enjoyable, you should follow these recommendations.

  1. Talk to your doctor and discuss the details of the trip.

The doctor will be able to give the necessary recommendations so that you can enjoy your vacation and avoid negative moments.

  1. Be sure to take out travel insurance.

Choosing travel insurance should be taken seriously. Many people are sure that nothing bad will happen to them during the trip, and therefore buy the cheapest insurance. But good insurance can really save you from many problems.

  1. Do not forget about the necessary medicines and prescriptions, take care of the proper storage of medicines.

Some airports have very strict security standards. You can carry a regular first aid kit without any problems. But if you have to take prescription drugs regularly, you may have problems. Bring a signed and stamped doctor’s prescription or medical card. Also, calculate how many medications you need to buy. You can buy Pacifen and Tizan here.

  1. Transport for travel should be as comfortable and fast as possible.

Sometimes it is better to choose a flight by plane than a long trip by train or bus, which will cause fatigue and stress. If you decide to go by car, be sure to make stops for rest. The journey should not be tedious.

  1. Carefully plan your vacation to avoid unnecessary stress.

Find the right mode for you without overloading. Flying or traveling by train, even if not very long, is tiring. Changing time zones can also cause fatigue, insomnia, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms. In stressful conditions, hot climates or lack of sleep, fatigue comes faster. It is important to allow your body to smoothly adapt to changing conditions.

  1. Choose the right place to live.

It is better to choose a temporary home in such a way as to be able to have a good rest upon arrival. This is especially true for travel, during which there is a significant change in time zone, as well as travel to hot countries. It is also important to consider the extent to which living conditions in a temporary home allow you to follow the rules of hygiene.

  1. Do not choose hot countries for summer vacation.

The combined effects of heat, infrared and ultraviolet radiation lead to deterioration. So, you should refrain from being in the sun to get a good tan. In addition, being in tropical countries increases the likelihood of contracting infectious diseases, especially if you do not have the necessary vaccinations. Viral infection in multiple sclerosis can be very dangerous.

  1. Choose a city with a comfortable climate for your trip.

The temperature should not be too high. You may find it easier to travel in the spring and fall when solar activity is less intense. Try to provide yourself with a comfortable environment to get used to the new environment. Set aside a day to rest after the flight or relocation. Do not overload yourself and do not worry.