7 rules for adrenal health and prevention of Addison’s disease

  1. Drink enough water.

Water not only improves metabolism, digestion, regulates body temperature, but also normalizes the functioning of the adrenal glands. Drinking enough water during the day helps to remove harmful substances from the body. It is important to drink small portions, about one and a half liters of clean water a day. Drinking enough fluids helps the whole body to function normally.

  1. Limit pills.

Drugs in large quantities adversely affect the adrenal glands. Therefore, any medication should be taken with caution. If you have a chronic illness, it is always best to consult a doctor before taking medication. If possible, do not take medication unnecessarily. Saturate your body with vitamins and healthy food to stay healthy. If necessary, consult a doctor and choose the food and vitamins you need for your health.

  1. Eat no more than a teaspoon of salt.

Salt helps to retain fluid in the body. But it is necessary to maintain water-salt balance, with a lack of salt a person may even faint. The normal dose of salt for a healthy person per day is 4 grams (teaspoon).

You need to understand that without salt the body is unable to function. Salt is involved in many metabolic processes. It retains water, participates in muscle contraction and hormone secretion.

This supplement helps to create conditions for the existence of erythrocytes. In the stomach, salt helps to form hydrochloric acid, without which digestion is impossible.

  1. Proper sleep.

Not only food, water and salt are important for the adrenal glands, but also sleep. After all, chronic insomnia worsens the state of immunity, the organs do not have time to recover, the pressure rises. Adrenal disease increases the risk of venous thrombosis and ischemic stroke. An adult needs to sleep at least seven hours a day.

  1. Regular monitoring of cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol completely imperceptibly and painlessly damages blood vessels. They gradually lose elasticity, their walls harden, the lumen of the middle and large arteries decreases. High cholesterol can also cause plaque to form, which clogs the adrenal arteries. As a result, the functioning of the adrenal glands may be impaired. If you have high cholesterol, take drugs such as Atorlip, Lipicard.

  1. Vitamins B6 and D.

These two vitamins are especially important for the adrenal glands. Vitamin B6 is important for the prevention of Addison’s disease and is found in meat and milk, eggs and fish, cabbage and garlic. Vitamin D is synthesized when the sun shines on you. A person needs 2 mg of vitamin B6 per day and at least 15 minutes in the sun.

  1. Less stress.

Stress leads to the release of stress hormones, in particular the hormone cortisol. Despite the benefits of cortisol, frequent or prolonged increases in cortisol levels can damage the adrenal gland.

If it is impossible to remove stress from life, you need to learn to respond to them properly. Breathing practices, yoga, meditation, psychological practices aimed at calming and relaxing will help you in this.