7 tips to prevent a heart attack

Constant stress, bad habits, excess weight, lack of sleep and a busy schedule – all this, unfortunately, is a part of our modern life. As a result, our main organ is overloaded and cannot always adapt to such a rhythm.

  1. Watch your pressure.

If the indicators exceed 140/90, this is already arterial hypertension. Do not self-medicate with such indicators and consult a doctor. At the initial signs of the disease, hospitalization may not be necessary, as you can eliminate the risk factors.

  1. Quit smoking.

Nicotine has a damaging effect on cell membranes, disrupts their permeability, which leads to the development of ionic imbalance. As a result, a deficiency of calcium develops – an important trace element, without enough content of which normal work of the heart muscle is impossible, since the mechanism of contractions of the striated muscles disrupt. By getting rid of this habit, you will keep your heart healthy for many years.

  1. Do not abuse alcohol.

In people with high blood pressure, a hypertensive crisis can occur even after drinking a few drinks. Chronic alcohol intoxication leads to an increase in the size of the heart (the so-called “beer heart”). As a result, the heart muscle degenerates, its tissues become flabby, and the cavities fill with fat. Such an organ does not work well; it is difficult for it to cope with the load. Shortness of breath, heart palpitations, swelling in the legs and chest pains occur. Only halves of alcoholics live to 55. If this does not suit you, immediately get rid of the bad habit.

  1. Physical activity.

The risk of developing hypertension can be reduced by losing weight, eating better, and increasing physical activity. Low physical activity is associated with an increased risk of developing hypertension. Medium-intensity exercise can achieve the same lowering in blood pressure as high-intensity exercise, or even more.

  1. Eat right

Irregular eating or fast food often causes problems not only with the stomach, but also with the level of cholesterol in the blood. This food is cooked using industrial fats. Usually it is palmed oil, one of the plant-based fats that contain saturated fatty acids. That is, the main disadvantage of fast food is that this food is technologically prepared using palm oil and trans fats. Thus, it is a source of unhealthy nutrition. Limit your intake of carbohydrates and fats (reduce eating of baked goods, especially sweets).

  1. Monitoring cholesterol levels.

Elevated cholesterol levels promote plaque formation, which leads to vasoconstriction and atherosclerosis. Blood clots can completely block an artery and cause a heart attack or stroke.

Also, in order to lower cholesterol, grill the meat on a wire rack to drain off the fat and serve the vegetables with it. When baking, replace the entire egg with egg white and two teaspoons of vegetable oil. Instead of mayonnaise, season vegetable salads with lemon juice and spices.

  1. Take care of the nervous system.

If you are nervous, it is a good idea to go jogging or start cleaning house. The process will pass without consequences. Without this, in young people, constant stress can cause hypertension, and in older people, it can trigger a stroke.