About pathologies and nuances of pregnancy

Pregnancy (P.) is a special condition for a woman. There is new life in her body, the baby is growing and developing. But the course of pregnancy can be accompanied by certain problems.

  1. Abundant vaginal secretions and a frequent urge to defecate – these phenomena are caused, firstly, by hormonal changes in the woman’s body, and secondly, by the pressure of the growing fetus on the pelvic organs and the bladder.
  2. Pain in the mammary glands. Female hormones and the reorganization of the body prepare the breasts for natural feeding – they increase in size, increase blood supply and, accordingly, sensitivity. The phenomenon is normal and treatment in this case is not required.
  3. Pain in the lower abdomen. Pain localized in the lower abdomen during P. may have non-obstetric or obstetric causes. So, to the first group, doctors include pain caused by stretching of ligaments or problems with the gastrointestinal tract, surgical disease, for example, appendicitis. Gynecologists include the following causes of pain in the second group: ectopic pregnancy and the threat of miscarriage, premature detachment of the placenta. In this case, an examination and consultation with a doctor is necessary, because with timely treatment, it may be enough to take special drugs (such as Gestin) to avoid sad consequences.
  4. Bloating, heartburn and constipation – all these unpleasant symptoms are caused by a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, the pressure of the growing fetus on the esophagus and intestines. It is recommended not to overeat, to eat stewed and boiled vegetables, as well as to take drugs that normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, toxicosis, nausea attacks can be added to these symptoms – with such symptoms, it is best to undergo an examination by a doctor, who will prescribe drugs that cope with such symptoms.
  5. Hemorrhoids, this is the expansion of the veins in the anus area, and even varicose veins on the legs can develop. Such phenomena are not uncommon during P. – they are due to increased load on veins and vessels, increased blood flow, excess weight or heredity, which manifests itself during the period of bearing the fetus.
  6. Slight hypotension – this phenomenon is caused by a decrease in the tone of blood vessel walls in the expectant mother under the influence of progesterone. Get more sleep and walk in the fresh air, eat more protein food, do yoga and take a contrast shower. But coffee and strong tea should not be abused.
  7. Stretch marks – their appearance is due to the growth of the fetus and stretching of the skin, or excessive weight of the mother. The main thing is to try not to overeat, wear a bandage and apply special cosmetics and cream against stretch marks, for example, Pregnacream.
  8. Swelling and excessive sweating are problems caused by excessive water consumption, hormonal changes in the body, and increased blood flow to the skin. The phenomena are completely normal and you should not worry about this.