About quince

Quince is a relative of apples and pears. Its fruits are inedible in raw form. Hard and sour fruit is unlikely to be to anyone’s taste, and even doctors do not recommend eating it that way. But quince jam is fragrant, although it is not easy to prepare, requiring effort and time. In ancient times, this fruit was called the golden apple. The plant grew in Asia. Many myths, legends and traditions are associated with this apple. In the Middle Ages, quince was even a symbol of love and fertility.

Quince for health and cooking

Antioxidants contained in quince help relieve stress and preserve youth. This fruit is also famous for its antiviral properties, which is why it is used as a preventive measure for respiratory infections and flu. Potassium, which is very abundant in the golden apple, has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart. The pulp helps with toxicosis.

Quince syrup helps with iron deficiency. Iron is an essential mineral which occurs in red blood cells. It is also found in the myoglobin (a type of protein) that occurs in the muscle tissue. Low levels of iron are considered to be one of the most common nutrition disorders, affecting a substantial amount of people. The most noticeable symptom is exhaustion; however it can also have a negative effect on the immune system and the functioning of the brain. If you have anemia, in addition to consuming products rich in iron, you must take such drugs as Chela-Ferr Forte, otherwise the disease will progress.

If the seeds are shaken with water, a mucous mixture will be obtained, which is used for a strong cough. Golden apples are especially useful for the stomach, of course, not in raw form. They improve digestion and can be useful for peptic ulcer disease, hyperacid gastritis, because quince has a similar effect to Alutabs.

Quince improves complexion. It is interesting that in ancient times even infertility was tried to be treated with quince juice. For kidney disease, it is useful to drink tea from leaves and seeds. This fruit has many useful properties.

In order for the fruits to become tasty, they need a long cooking process. Baked quince becomes soft and has a pleasant aroma. The most common dish made from this fruit is jam. Quince also makes other desserts tasty and beautiful: candied fruit, marmalade, jelly.

Since this fruit is not consumed raw, it is better to immediately process it and store it in the form of some kind of product. Note that you will need a sharp knife to peel the quince. The rough skin and seeds must be removed. But the skin contains aromatic substances, so in order not to lose them, you can cook syrup from it.

Quince is not just a beautiful fruit, but tasty and useful. If you prepare it correctly, know about all its properties, it will become a desirable ingredient, both in the medicine cabinet and on the table. The fact is that golden apples are used not only for making sweets, but also for other dishes. Aromatic tea can be made from it. You just need to finely chop some pulp into the teapot.