Basic rules of rest for people with hypothyroidism

People with hypothyroidism need to be careful when organizing their rest. If you choose the right place and follow a few simple rules, you can not only improve the overall condition of the body, but also get a beautiful tan. For a comfortable and safe summer vacation with hypothyroidism, follow these recommendations.

  1. Particular attention is paid to climate choice.

The climate should be dry and mild, without significant temperature changes. Dry warm air in pathologies of the thyroid gland is much more useful than moist, so it is better to abandon travel to the tropics.

  1. Pay attention to the water temperature.

Bathing water should be warm enough. This is due to the fact that during a sharp immersion in cool water, the body experiences stress. These effects can adversely affect the functioning of the thyroid gland.

  1. Drink plenty of fluids.

During the heat, do not forget to consume enough fluids. Doctors recommend that you prefer water that does not contain gases. This will help you avoid dehydration, which negatively affects the whole body, not just the thyroid gland.

  1. Choose the right time to sunbathe.

We must not forget about the time when it is not recommended to be on the street. The time from 12 to 15-16 hours is more suitable for relaxing in the room, sleeping, reading a book or other activities in the room. The sun at the zenith is especially dangerous for the thyroid gland, because during this period its rays are particularly aggressive and quickly overload your body.

  1. Check your diet.

During rest, try to eat a balanced diet for good thyroid function. Eat foods that contain certain nutrients that can help maintain proper thyroid function. These include minerals such as iodine, selenium and zinc.

With hypothyroidism, you should avoid processed foods that are high in calories and low in essential micronutrients.

It is also not recommended to abuse ice cream. It is better to replace it with sweet seasonal fruits and berries, from which we get the necessary vitamins and minerals.

  1. Take medication.

Do not take a break from medication (Eltroxin, Tiromel) during the holiday period, as this may adversely affect the thyroid gland and the whole body.

If you follow these simple rules while on vacation and do not try to sunbathe for 24 hours a day, staying in the sun with hypothyroidism will be helpful. In some cases, hypothyroidism even disappeared for a while after the patient went on vacation. This reaction of the body is due to the fact that a person at rest has decreased stress levels, to which the thyroid gland is very sensitive.

Also, with hypothyroidism there are no strict restrictions on swimming in natural bodies of water. Any decision should be made on the basis of individual characteristics, and always in conjunction with the endocrinologist. Regarding tanning, according to experts, an individual approach is also useful. It is necessary to consider what pathological process leads to problems with a thyroid gland.

If you have any doubts about the possibility of rest, it is recommended to consult an endocrinologist and get his advice. It is better to make sure once again that nothing bad will happen.