Best teeth protection food

Teeth are the beauty of person. Their condition directly depends on consumed foods. The lack of vitamins significantly affects the condition of the teeth, which exposes them to various diseases. It is necessary to constantly consume a significant amount of fruits and berries, vegetables and herbs, which are the main source of vitamins. The variety of a daily diet rich in nutrients allows you to avoid negative effects in the oral cavity, which prevents the further development of serious dental diseases.

Consider the special importance of individual products.

Various kinds of nuts and seeds

Their basic composition is very rich in fatty acids and amino acids. Many nuts have a rich mineral composition that is essential for teeth, so they should be present in all kinds of varieties in your diet. For example, in cedar fruits there are:

  • Vanadium – a trace element that plays a large role in the process of bone structure, which prevents their destruction.
  • Calcium – it is the main component of some tissues, serves to strengthen the teeth.
  • Phosphorus – important for the formation of tooth enamel. It neutralizes the acid formed in saliva, which destroys enamel.

There is only one rule when eating nuts and seeds: you can’t crack with your teeth, in such cases, damaged enamel cannot be restored.


In its raw form, it contains many minerals, which are a protection for the teeth. The vegetable has a solid structure, therefore, when we eat, an abundant amount of saliva is released, which normalizes the acid-base balance in the oral cavity, thereby stopping the growth of bacteria. It removes plaque and food particles as a toothbrush.


It contains many important vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the component that kills the bacteria, greens prevents caries, inflammation, neutralizes the smell in the oral cavity.

Sea kale

Most people suffer from a lack of iodine in the body, which directly affects their health. As a result, diseases associated with the functions of the thyroid gland quite often occur. Such diseases adversely affect the oral cavity and teeth, so it is necessary to introduce seafood into the diet. In its composition, they contain a huge amount of amino acids and iodine, which prevent its deficiency.


A valuable product in dentistry is juice and pith of pumpkin. They consist of elements that allow you to preserve healthy teeth for a long time. Pumpkin has the complex of vitamins: iron, copper, fluorine, zinc and selenium, do not lose their beneficial qualities even when cooking or baking this product. Using prepared dishes from pumpkin, you will receive all the required vitamins in an unchanged amount.

Of course, periodic visits to the dentist are necessary. But if you filling the food with a variety of products, that are especially beneficial for dental health, than going to the doctor will not be so sad, but simply preventative.

We wish you health and happy smiles!