Healthy facial skin. Few secrets

Often, looking in the mirror, we have dissatisfaction with our own reflection. The look acquires some wrinkles, circles under the eyes appear from fatigue, a pimple may be found on the face. Many people run to stores for super creams that advertise on TV screens. And this is natural, because, unlike the rest of the body, our face is not “packed” in clothes. It is our business card. Everyone sees it wherever we are.

Cosmetic corporations convinced us that without lotions, creams and masks, our life is impossible. Fortunately, this is far from the case. After all, the cream removes only the symptoms, but the cause still remains. Just the main thing is not to forget that the skin is a mirror of the general condition of our body, its health. Somewhere there was a failure, and creams here, alas, cannot help. But they can aggravate the problem. Their chemical elements are not removed from the body, gradually accumulating in it, and the contained fats and oils clog pores, preventing the skin from breathing.

So what to do to help your own body has irresistible look?

  1. Food that heals

Food, which is difficult to digest, contributes to the formation of toxins. As a result, a failure occurs throughout the body. Therefore, products that are harmful to him should be excluded:

  • Mayonnaises, vinegar, margarine.
  • Sweets, while containing large amounts of fat and sugar.
  • Baking.
  • Some types of meat and dairy products.
  1. The use of natural cosmetics

Do you think your body only receives food through the stomach? The skin absorbs everything that is in contact with it, thus additionally nourishing the body. And you may have question, how to properly nourish the skin without clogging its pores with chemistry? It is very simple! You need to apply on it what you could eat! It can be cosmetics made only from natural products (such as Coresatin Nonsteroidal Cream or Pregnacream) or a cream made at home with the use of any natural oils (peach, almond and others). It all depends on what is right for your skin type. Essential oil of jasmine, geranium or chamomile should be added to the oil, which we will call base. The proportion of the base to the essential oil should be 50 ml + 15 drops. It is also desirable to add another component there – an infusion of sage herbs (against irritation) or chamomile (anti-inflammatory), lavender or nettle (nutritious).

  1. Healthy sleep – healthy skin

Only during a full sleep our skin really rest. It is at this time that the body starts the system of regeneration and recovery. It is melatonin, produced during sleep, helps restore our skin. And its lack causes accelerated skin aging. Now you understand how important a healthy sleep is for our face! During sleep, the skin begins to intensively absorb everything that is applied to it. And all creams that contain a large amount of chemistry simply destroy skin. If you do not have a cream consisting of natural ingredients, it is better not to apply anything to the skin at all.

You must have at least 7 hours of sleep, try to fall asleep before 1 in the morning, because from this hour the recovery functions are on the decline.