Can toothpastes protect our tooth?

It would seem a stupid question, but in many ways the answer to it will seem unexpected to you. Perhaps the same emotions were experienced by the researchers, during the experiment of which it was discovered that in reality special pastes cannot significantly protect the tooth, although such properties are mentioned more than once or twice in the advertising of these products. This study has been published in Scientific Reports and is available for study.

The most amazing thing is that 9 samples of the toothpastes were taken for testing and not one of them was able to seriously resist the damaging effects of caries. However, perhaps scientists from the University of São Paulo and their colleagues from the University of Bern simply did not investigate a sufficient number of samples.

The only thing that was established during the experiments was that the use of toothpastes only slows down the enamel erosion, but cannot fundamentally stop the process. If you also have high hopes for thorough oral hygiene and think that in this way you will protect yourself from visiting the dentist, then apparently you are mistaken.

In general, you may wonder how acid and caries are related. However, it is carious bacteria lead to the formation of an acidic environment and the gradual destruction of the tooth.

And yet, according to the experts themselves, there is no need to rush to throw out toothpastes and urgently seek a replacement for them. These hygiene products can be considered as a tool to prevent the development of diseases of the oral cavity, but not for the treatment of an already formed problem. The key is to choose high quality toothpaste, especially when it comes to children. Pay attention to the toothpastes containing Sodium Monofluorophosphate (for example, Cheerio Gel) as they have shown a high efficiency in prevention of caries and provides topical protection against plaque.

An experienced dentist will help to cure tooth decay or even remove the damaged tooth in the advanced case. Patients should give up the illusion of the protective properties of toothpastes, and to maintain healthy teeth you need to choose the right diet, in particular by consuming fewer products containing organic acids and sugar.