COVID-19 Treaments for Coronavirus

COVID-19 Treatments Now Available from United Pharmacies

Lopimune, Hivus-LR and Ribavirin being used to treat COVID-19.

COVID-19 was first detected in Wuhan, China in December. In subsequent months it has spread to many other countries. There are now over 100,000 reported cases and almost 3,500 deaths from the new coronavirus.

Europe and the United States are struggling to contain the virus. Reported cases have exceeded 250 in the US. This number is expected to rise sharply as testing continues.

With no specific vaccine for COVID-19, medicines previously used for other diseases are being repurposed.

Lopimune is a HIV treatment containing lopinavir and ritonavir. Another brand of this combination is called Hivus-LR. These medicines have also been used alongside Ribavirin.

Remdesivir is another drug with potential to treat coronavirus, however it is not readily available.

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