Exercise in the office – learn to relax

Modern people are often forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle, which negatively affects the condition of the spine. At work, and often even at night, a person is in an uncomfortable position, which can be the cause of many diseases and poor health. Although prolonged sitting while working is difficult to avoid, some measures can be taken. If you care about your health, allocate time for rest and warm-up, even if it only takes a few minutes during a break. The spine is an important element of the body, and it must be protected.

  1. Health of the spine.

Problems with the spine can both cause various diseases and be a symptom of other pathologies. If you spend the whole working day sitting in one position, discomfort in the lower back often appears, which is difficult to get rid of even with regular massage. In addition to the need to maintain the correct posture throughout the day, it is important for a person to regularly relax various parts of the body.

Regular exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the back, legs and abdomen, thanks to which you can get rid of unpleasant sensations and prevent negative consequences. If exercises for several days did not help relieve the pain, take Cataflam. This is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which is used to provide relief from symptoms, such as pain and swelling. Its active ingredient works by preventing the body from producing chemicals called prostaglandins. At the same time, you should pay attention to how you sit at the table. The chair should be moderately high and comfortable for you to sit on. And in which position do you usually sit most of the day? Do you often need to tilt your head and slouch while working at the computer?

  1. Shoulders and neck.

An uncomfortable position and chronic stress create ideal conditions for tension in the neck and shoulders. This problem is often ignored for years, but it can lead to the development of serious dysfunction of the cervical spine, numbness of the upper extremities and headaches. In order to get rid of tension in these areas, it is necessary to relax the entire body, including the nervous system, because overtiredness has a negative effect on psychomotor skills.

With the help of morning warm-up and yoga asanas, you can relax tense areas of the back, getting rid of pain and discomfort. To speed up pain relief, apply Nise Gel to the affected area, rubbing in a thin layer of the gel 2 to 4 times every day. For best results, wash the application area beforehand to clean away any oil, grease, or bacteria, allowing the gel to absorb more easily.

  1. Rest for a short time.

How to find an opportunity to perform a certain amount of physical exercise every day, without having much time for it? It’s hard to imagine yourself on a treadmill during work hours. But it is quite possible to do some inconspicuous simple exercises or asanas. For a pleasant and effective rest, an ordinary office chair and a little space that you like and enjoy can be invaluable help.