Visiting the sauna for health

Going to the sauna is a tradition for many peoples. Some go there with friends on the weekend, while others enjoy spa treatments and massages. But if you consider going to the sauna as a health and toning procedure without taking alcohol, you must follow certain rules. Also remember that there are contraindications to sauna procedures, such as arterial hypertension. If you have this disease, be sure to consult your doctor about whether you can go to the sauna. If he allows, then be sure to take antihypertensive drugs, such as Amlip or Amlopres, on this day.

If you are going to the sauna for the first time, you must strictly follow the advice given below. But even if you are an avid sauna lover, additional knowledge is always useful.

First, it is necessary to take things that are necessary in the sauna. This is, of course, a bathrobe, towels, non-slip shoes, scrubs, homemade body masks and soap or shower gel.

Do not overeat before the sauna. You shouldn’t go hungry either. It will be optimal to eat 2 hours before the sauna. Do not drink any alcohol, because the heart is very harmful to the health of the cardiovascular system under such conditions.

Don’t forget to drink enough fluids to maintain balance in your body and prevent dehydration. The best drink is still water or herbal tea.

Before entering the steam room for the first time, take a warm shower, the water temperature should be more than 38°C. This is necessary to avoid further overheating. It is better not to use soap during the first wash, so as not to wash off the protective layer of the epidermis. The hair on the head should not be wet, because the head is most sensitive to high temperatures. But it is better to wet a special hat made of wool.

After that, you can enter the steam room. This is a very important stage, because the body begins to adapt to high temperatures. It is important to carefully monitor your well-being. The optimum air temperature is 60 degrees. To know the air temperature and humidity level, use a hygrometer.

It is better to lie down, so your body will heat up more evenly. The average time spent in the steam room is from 5 to 10 minutes. You should not stay there longer. After rest, you can increase the time and air temperature.

During the second entry into the steam room, you can enjoy a massage. Massage can be varied. The massage therapist can use the following movements – effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction and vibration. You can also do an aromatic massage. Essential oils have an antiseptic effect, help to increase skin turgor. Lemongrass oil cleans and tones the skin well. Lavender and bergamot calm the nervous system; relieve both muscle and emotional tension.

If you’ve been lying down the whole time, don’t rush to get up. You need to wait a minute and slowly take a vertical position.

Next times you can increase the stay time to 20 minutes. But at the same time, you need to take into account your individual characteristics and physical condition.