Five reasons why depression appears after the New Year Recommendations to help protect you from depression after the New Year holidays

  1. Affective disorder.

This disorder occurs in winter in almost everyone due to the reduction of daylight. Due to the lack of light, the production of hormones of happiness decreases. That is why we have drowsiness, blues and weight gain.

  1. Unjustified expectations.

Before the New Year, many people spend all their energy to create the atmosphere of a New Year’s miracle. However, every year it becomes harder to find a sense of wonder. As a result, our expectations and, as a result, our frustrations increase. This is especially noticeable when expectations are not met. Due to the emotional sensitivity during the holidays, every detail becomes significant. Returning from the world of fairy tales to the world of reality can be extremely painful.

  1. Overeating and alcohol consumption.

For almost two weeks, people have been disturbing their sleep and eating habits. All processes in the body slowdown, which is why a person begins to feel discomfort and hypersensitivity.

  1. Stress and fatigue.

The time we have to spend on rest and fun with family, we spend preparing for the Christmas holidays. The body, tired during the work process, receives a shock dose of fatigue and stress. Such changes contribute to the emergence of post-New Year’s depression.

  1. Financial problems.

Few of us start thinking about the Christmas holidays in the summer and save money for the holidays in advance. As a result, we spend almost all of our money in just a few days. Then people blame themselves for not starting to prepare for the holidays in advance.

Of course, each case of depression requires individual consultation. However, there are some tips on how to get rid of depression after the Christmas holidays:

  • Life will not change just by changing the number on the calendar. Before the New Year, try not to expect that on the first day of the New Year you will wake up a completely different person. If there are things you would like to change, write a clear plan of action, then the holidays will not depress you.
  • Share the responsibility for preparing for the holiday between relatives, friends and family members. This will reduce stress, fatigue and you will have time to relax.
  • Communicate with family and friends not only on holidays. Then you will not have a feeling of loneliness and emptiness when all the holidays are over. Do not be afraid to offer meetings yourself, try to set aside time for walks and socializing at least once a week.
  • Engage in charitable activities and do not refuse to help loved ones. Providing care to the needy significantly increases a person’s resistance to diseases of the depressive spectrum.
  • Praise yourself for your success. You don’t have to focus on what you haven’t achieved. Instead, rejoice that your plans for the future are more or less clear to you.
  • Add to your diet foods that contain or increase the production of endorphins and serotonin in the body.

• If you feel that the situation is out of control, do not hesitate to seek professional help from a psychotherapist. It will help you choose an individual effective treatment (for example, Apo-Clomipramine or Aropax