How not to lose sight due to a smartphone? 9 tips

In modern life, it is so difficult to imagine life without a computer or smartphone. Sometimes people spend many hours in a row working with a particular gadget. Smartphones are constantly in the hands of young people – in transport, at school. Increasingly, people spend their free time using various technical devices. Trying to read information of interest, watch an interesting movie, or to communicate on social networks, a person gets a huge load. Do our eyes suffer? What to do in order not to lose sight at a young age?

Using a smartphone is similar to working on a computer or reading a book, only one fact distinguishes between these classes – this is the distance from vision to media.

There are a few tips to help maintain excellent vision, even if you often using a variety of gadgets. Here are some of them:

  1. In no case should you use smartphones in moving vehicles and in low light. The only option is to listen to music from your smartphone, but not read news or an e-book.
  2. The most important factor is the correct distance of the smartphone from the eyes. Optimum is 30 cm.
  3. You need to correctly adjust the brightness of the smartphone and font size, based on the convenience of a particular person. The smartphone user should see all the text without strain on the eye muscles.
  4. It is advisable to use matte protective films. They will not only prevent scratches on the smartphone screen, but also protect the eye from glare, which are no doubt harmful to our eyes.
  5. Do not forget about proper nutrition, if the use of a smartphone is quite frequent. Eat foods that contain vitamin A (fish, eggs, carrots, blueberries). It will not be superfluous to use vitamins in the form of syrups and tablets (such as Bilberry with Lutein or Bilberry-MIC).
  6. Smartphones should be selected carefully, because a trusted manufacturer guarantees the maximum safety of their product. Even inexpensive smartphones of trusted manufacturers will protect your eyesight, because in their production the basic requirements for the production of gadgets are observed. And if you buy an inexpensive smartphone from a little-known manufacturer, then there is no guarantee that it is made from safe materials and that nothing threatens your eyesight.
  7. Fans of reading on electronic devices, it is better to abandon this method. For whom it is difficult to do this – try to alternate electronic and paper media.
  8. And, of course, do not forget about the simplest exercises for relaxing the eyes. Every half hour of working with electronic devices, look away from the screen, and focus on an object located at a distance of at least 6 meters. If this is not possible, perform elementary gymnastics. Closing your eyes, direct your gaze in different directions, straining the eye muscles as much as possible.
  9. If you look at the screen of a smartphone for a long time, then you blink two, or even three times less than usual. Because of this, pain in the eyes and a feeling of dry eyes may appear. Therefore, blink more often so that there is no dryness in the eyes and vision does not deteriorate.