Slowing Aging: 8 Tips That Work

It is impossible to prevent the aging of the body, but it is in our power to adjust the lifestyle so that this process slows down. Having found the causes of aging, we can try to minimize these harmful factors and enjoy a fresh look, good health and good mood. So, scientists identify four main reasons why we are aging.

Inflammation, stress, sugar, and oxidation – these are the four main enemies of youth. These processes systematically affect our body and cause aging of cells, tissues and organs.

  1. Inflammation is the starting point of many diseases, including dementia, obesity, diabetes and cancer.
  2. Stress changes our hormonal balance, which negatively affects many systems of the body, including the brain – so there are changes in the cognitive system and impaired memory.
  3. Sugar stimulates the production of insulin, which is responsible for our fat stores. Hence the obesity, the danger of which everyone is well aware.
  4. Oxidation is the process of the formation of free radicals that affect your sex life and brain condition.

How to slow down aging

  1. Adjust your diet. Be sure to include protein foods in your every meal. Nutritionists are advised to consume one gram of protein per kilogram of weight. For example, for a woman weighing 65 kg per meal, you need to eat 22 grams of protein – it can be three egg whites, a chicken or turkey breast or 125 grams of tofu cheese. Choose foods that are high in protein but low in fat. Protein lowers the level of insulin in the blood, which will help keep weight down and reduce the likelihood of illness.
  2. Relax and fight stress. Surely you have your own tricks that help relieve stress after a hard day: a hot bath, aromatherapy, green tea, warm milk, a walk in the park, and yoga. Take time for them or try something new.
  3. Take vitamins. Vitamins of group B are especially useful for combating aging (such as Chela-Ferr Forte). They strengthen the nervous system.
  4. All means to combat stress is good! Psychotherapists claim that lavender essential oil can be a great helper. It not only smells nice, but also at the biological level affects our body, preventing the increase of cortisol in the blood. Put it in a bath or mix with a neutral cream and rub into the skin. Dried lavender flowers can be placed in a sachet and taken with you to bed.
  5. Regular exercises – these are not only for lose weight. Regular training (optionally long and heavy) will strengthen the blood vessels, heart and nervous system. Choose the activity that gives you pleasure – running, cycling, dancing, swimming – and do it at least 20-25 minutes a day. If necessary, break the session into two sets of 10 minutes each. Gradually increase the frequency, duration and intensity of exercises. If you missed one day – don’t let it become a habit and be sure to work the next day.
  6. Sleep for 7-8 hours. Yes, it may seem unacceptable luxury to you, but for preserve youth it is an important point. We will not talk about the obvious threats from lack of sleep, we recall only that it not only affects our appearance (bruises under the eyes, swelling, dull complexion), but also causes chronic stress, sometimes not even realized by us.
  7. Take vitamins and supplements for joints. These include glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid (Arthroblock forte). To fight free radicals, take antioxidants – vitamins A, C, E and selenium.
  8. Rejoice at life. Do what makes you smile happily. Meeting with friends, hobbies, sex – all this is not only pleasant, but also useful. Serotonin levels are rising, and all threats to health and longevity are slowly disappear.