healthy fast food

How to choose healthy fast food?

Unfortunately, in today’s world, people are busy with many things and sometimes there is no time for healthy eating. As a rule, lunch at the office is fast food bought on the way to work or food delivery from a nearby restaurant – Sushi, “food in boxes”, pancakes, hamburgers, tortillas, pies, buns … Thanks to some experts who do not understand the issues of nutrition, people are used to consider absolutely all food that is quickly prepared to be harmful. But fast food is not as terrible as it seems!

What should you give up?

If you are concerned about your health, it is better not to eat fried foods. These are everyone’s favorite French fries, pies, chebureks and other dishes. They are harmful not only because they have a high content of fats and carbohydrates, although this should also be taken into account. Quite often, in order to save money, owners do not change the oil on time within the period established by sanitary regulations. Therefore, with a portion of fats and carbohydrates, you risk getting a portion of carcinogens.

What can you eat?

Relatively healthy food includes pancakes, burritos, tortillas and other dishes that are prepared without a large amount of oil. The “correct” tortilla recipe, for example, involves grilling the meat. As a filling, fresh vegetables, baked meat seasoned with natural sauce are added to a thin unleavened flatbread. To make the flatbread crispy, it is baked for several minutes using a contact grill. This is a special pressure device that allows you to prepare a truly tasty and healthy dish without a single drop of oil.

What to pay attention to?

Wherever you decide to have a snack, pay attention to cleanliness, compliance with sanitary standards, the condition of dishes and equipment.

A responsible cook considers it his duty to buy a contact electric grill and keep it clean, just like the dishes. For storage, regardless of the type of food, fast food should be stored in a special dish. One should be skeptical of cooks who store ingredients for cooking in bowls and bags that are not intended for this purpose.

Gloves must be on the hands of the cook, and payment for the finished meal must be accepted by a completely different employee – the cashier. The kitchen should remain a kitchen, even if it is located outside! Otherwise, you risk getting food poisoning.

There are cases in which the consumption of fast food is contraindicated, as a rule, the doctor tells about it during the appointment. For example, it can be the presence of such diseases as gastritis, peptic ulcer of the stomach or duodenum, diabetes and others. In the case of hyperacid gastritis, frequent consumption of fast food can lead to an increase or appearance of heartburn and a decrease in the effectiveness of drugs that can promote remission or complete recovery (such as Lanzol or Nexium). And if a person has diabetes, then the consumption of such food can cause an excessive increase in the level of glucose, and then a sharp rise in it.