Skin care

Skin care: an effective method

In matters of beauty and health, science has made a significant breakthrough in recent decades. For modern women, skin care is a necessary part of their daily routine. The face should be beautiful, clean, moisturized, with a minimum of makeup in the “makeup without makeup” technique. Negligence in some cases lowers self-esteem, and in some it can even cause public condemnation (for example, if you are a public figure). Thanks to such trends, the beauty industry is developing very quickly.

Modern cosmetic corporations are huge companies that are among the most profitable on the planet. Well-known companies produce very high-quality products at an affordable price, because in the conditions of huge competition, they have no chance for either a mistake or an unjustified price increase. Each company tries to create unique scientific solutions, innovations, because skin care systems are relevant in every country of the world.

Of course, this does not mean that the fact of buying a bunch of cosmetics guarantees you a transformation into a perfect beauty. The secret of beauty is, first of all, a step-by-step system of self-care.

7 steps to beautiful skin

The first stage is skin cleansing. This process is divided into three stages:

– Make-up removal. Mascara is removed with special wipes, the rest of the cosmetics – with the help of hydrophilic oil.

– Washing. Cleaned from make-up, the face is thoroughly washed with foam or gel.

– Exfoliation. Once or twice a week, a scrub is used to remove dead cells.

The second stage is toning. The tonic restores the moisture lost during cleansing to the skin and prepares it for the next steps. All care products are absorbed by toned skin almost twice as efficiently.

The third stage is the application of the essence. This product can deeply restore the skin at the cellular level.

The fourth stage is serum. It is a concentrate of active substances designed to solve local problems – buy the product based on what your skin needs first: anti-aging effect, get rid of acne, reduce oiliness, deep hydration of dehydrated skin. However, remember that to get rid of skin problems, you also need to use medicines, for example, to get rid of hyperpigmentation you may need A Ret-HC, and if you have a problem with pimples – A-Ret Gel.

The fifth stage is a mask. The number of types of cosmetic masks is a variety that cannot be described. They can be fabric (the most convenient option if you are in a hurry), alginate, mousse, cream, and sheet. There are masks for separate areas – patches under the eyes or nasolabial region, masks for the nose and chin.

The sixth is an eye cream. This stage is mandatory if you are over 18 years old and you use decorative cosmetics. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest, ages the fastest, and therefore needs maximum care.

The seventh is a moisturizing emulsion. It is the final stage before applying the cream. The emulsion has a light consistency, it is applied with patting movements, providing a micro massage of the face and saturating the skin with moisture.