How to get rid of chronic fatigue?

Do you feel like squeezed lemon with the onset of autumn? Nothing pleases, the mood “at zero”, life seems boring and monotonous? And to everything else is added fatigue and loss of strength (even if you do not work physically). What is it? Autumn vitamin deficiency? It is unlikely … Most likely, these are symptoms of chronic fatigue – there is indeed a term in medicine. We understand the causes of this phenomenon and how to eliminate it.

What do the doctors say?

Chronic fatigue is a special condition of the organism that arises and develops under the influence of the neurosis of the ganglionic nervous system, which, in and of itself, manifests itself through the inhibition of the braking zone. It’s pretty hard, isn’t it? In simpler words, chronic fatigue can be described as occurring when you are experiencing nervous stress or high mental stress, and you have little physical activity. It is this that causes the brain area that regulates the inhibition process to not work as it should, and we begin to feel deprived of our strength and desire to do something.

The main causes and how to get rid of chronic fatigue?

The main factors that influence its development are the following:

• Mental over-voltage

Are you preparing for a session or working on a complex project? Then don’t be surprised that you feel very tired. The high intellectual load is really capable of “exhausting” our body. The brain also needs a lot of energy to function properly, and in situations like the one described above, it works at “higher revolutions”, so it consumes even more energy.

To get rid of such fatigue and have more energy, psychostimulants are used. But be careful! Not all of them are safe. Modafinil is an effective remedy that will not harm the body. Preparations with its contents help to get rid of drowsiness, fatigue, increase efficiency.

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• Emotional overstress

Chronic fatigue can also be the result of some emotional upset. By the way, constant drowsiness, in this case, will be just a protective reaction of the body. The fact is that the body is trying to recover from stress, and it requires full sleep. It helps to control cortisol, which provokes fatigue and even exhaustion.

• Internal diseases

In the case of the first signs of really serious chronic fatigue doctors advise having a diagnostics of the body. Fatigue can be caused by serious internal illnesses unrelated to our mental activity. Take, for example, hepatitis C, called “affectionate killer” by doctors because of a lack of typical symptoms that can be characterized by drowsiness and decreased mental capacity. Another example is cardiovascular disease (myocarditis or heart failure). Fatigue, in this case, manifests even after an easy walk. Other diseases include apnea, urinary tract diseases, anemia, and many others.

• Oxygen deficiency

If you often get tired while working in the office, you may just need to ventilate the office. The less oxygen you can breathe, the less it enters the brain cells with blood. Oxygen deficiency is called hypoxia. The first signs of this are frequent and uncontrolled yawning, lack of focus, less attention.