How to improve eye health in today’s world

There is a peculiarity in the modern world: we live in times of comfort and technical progress. Every day, humanity creates some new devices and gadgets that can make human life easier. You can even work sitting at home and not going outside. Almost everyone is happy with such a schedule, but unfortunately it is harmful to health. The whole body suffers from such a lifestyle, but the health of a person’s back and eyes deteriorates the most.

Human eyes are not naturally adapted to look at a laptop screen for seven or eight hours. For many years, the organ of vision was used to observe the world around us, read paper books, newspapers, etc. In the modern world, a person spends most of his life looking at a computer, laptop, or phone monitor, and the rest of the time he watches movies and TV shows on TV.

Vision is very vulnerable, and since most people cannot imagine their lives without modern technologies and devices that harm the eyes, it is necessary to do exercises to strengthen the vision. It is also important to follow a healthy diet.

Let’s consider a few recommendations.

The first and logical thing that experts and ophthalmologists suggest is to get enough sleep. Any person needs to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day in order to maintain his health.

Another important rule is good working conditions, a comfortable seat. Try to position it so that you can sit near a window during the day. In the evening, be sure to turn on the lamp, this will prevent some eye diseases. Working in a dark room without additional light, you force your eyes to acutely feel the contrast between the bright monitor and the surrounding darkness. By the way, you should remember this rule when watching TV.

As strange as it sounds, don’t forget to blink. It’s no secret that a person’s eyes are moistened by blinking. But sitting in front of the monitor, people often “forget” to do this, so the eyes are moistened less often, which leads to a feeling of dryness in the eyes. And if you have been diagnosed with dry eye syndrome, use such drugs as C-NAC or Cyclomune.

While working in front of the monitor, you should give your eyes a rest. Let it be 5-10 minutes, but they should be. It is advisable to take such a break every hour, but if you are too lazy to keep track of the time, then there are a number of programs that turn off your monitor after a certain time, giving your nervous system and eyes a chance to rest.

While the monitor is off and you have 10 minutes to rest, help your eyes relax. How to do it? For example, do eye exercises.

Eye exercises:

The first exercise. Blink quickly several times, then close your eyes for a couple of seconds. After that, you need to open your eyes wide. This will help get rid of eye strain, but only if you repeat this exercise at least six times.

The second exercise. It helps to train eye muscles. Sit up straight and look to the right, then to the left, then up and down. After that look in a circle. Trained muscles prevent the risk of certain eye diseases, such as myopia.