How not to get sick in spring?

As a rule, many people get sick in the spring. In this article, let’s consider why this happens and how to avoid spring colds. It’s not just about spring vitamin deficiency. After all, many people, one way or another, regularly take useful substances necessary for the body in the form of supplements, or eat healthy foods, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Well, such goods are in excess today. So why do people get sick so often in the spring? The reasons for such troubles are often very banal.

Many older people catch a cold in the spring, but in most cases it turns out that they are to blame for this. You have probably noticed that many of your older relatives wear warm clothes even when it is warm or even hot outside. Many people of this age perceive the beginning of spring as winter, and even in sunny and warm weather, older people continue to wear jackets and down jackets. Most do this because they do not notice the changes in the climate that have taken place on earth in recent years. But the weather changes from year to year, and in most countries it is getting warmer.

Advise your grandparents to wear light jackets or similar clothing; nowadays there are quite a few types of warm outerwear for every season. It is important for a person to feel comfortable while spending time in the fresh air. Otherwise, a person may catch a cold, as immunity weakens.

The same applies to children. Of course, the main thing is that the child does not get cold, but do not forget that children are much more active than adults, they move more, and therefore they can sweat and later get sick.

Young people also get sick in the spring. On the contrary, they wear short skirts and light jackets even in cool weather. It also has a negative impact on health. In addition to the common cold, it can provoke chronic cystitis, sinusitis or frontitis. These diseases can have serious complications. Because of this, a person has to spend time not in the fresh air with a cheerful group of friends, but in a hospital bed. Is it worth it?

But you can get sick in the spring for other reasons. If you have not been vaccinated against the flu, you can get sick with this disease in the spring. This is not an ordinary SARS, the flu is very dangerous for older people, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases. To avoid this disease, do not be in crowded places and wear a mask in shops, transport, etc. But if you get the flu, don’t delay and take special antiviral drugs like Amantrel or Antiflu as soon as possible. These drugs are used for the treatment and prevention of influenza (flu). They can be taken to prevent getting the flu, or if you already have the flu it can be taken to reduce the symptoms and decrease recovery time.

Unhealthy food is also the cause of colds. People often drink coffee instead of juice in the morning, and coffee or a sandwich instead of lunch at work. An unbalanced diet negatively affects the liver, pancreas and immune system. This significantly increases the risk of catching a cold.