How to improve your posture

People who mostly lead a sedentary lifestyle and slouch (and there are quite a lot of them in the modern world) often experience pain and heaviness in the back, which may worsen over time. To get rid of pain, you can take drugs that relieve back pain, for example, Brufen or Nise Gel. Brufen is a pill with pain relieving properties. Experts are not entirely sure of all the details relating to how it works, it is widely believed to act by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins (mediators of pain and swelling in the body). Medical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in controlling and relieving pain.

Nise Gel (Nimesulide/Methyl Salicylate/Menthol/Capsaicin) is used to treat chronic and acute musculoskeletal disorders such as discomfort in the muscles, tendonitis, back pain/ache or arthritis. It is used topically as an analgesic with NSAID benefits and functions by inhibiting particular nerve impulses sent from the periphery to your central system, leading to a decrease in sensitivity from the kinds of symptoms associated with the conditions above.

Although these medicines will relieve the pain, they will not get rid of the habit of slouching. Unfortunately, not everyone understands and realizes that in order to look beautiful, only good clothes are not enough. And even the most elegant and well-groomed lady, dressed in expensive and fashionable clothes, with beautiful and expensive jewelry in her ears, in certain cases will look, to say the least, unattractive. This may be due to incorrect posture. After all, it’s not enough just to wear clothes, you also need to be able to look good in them. Slouching will spoil any look.

But there is definitely a solution in this case! You can make yourself look like a queen with her majesty, beauty and grace. Start by trying to sit without slouching for 10 minutes. After that, do not control the posture. It is quite easy to do. The next day, sit without slouching for at least 15 minutes. Every day, increase the time by 5-10 minutes. At first glance, it may seem that it is very difficult and will distract from work, but it is not so, and the result will pleasantly surprise you. If necessary, you can try wearing an orthopedic corset.

In addition to the above suggested “sitting” exercise, there are several more exercises that you can do both at home and in the office:

  1. “Imaginary walking.” Put your feet on the floor, as in the starting position when walking, and with the help of the movement of one heel, imagine the process of walking without taking your feet off the floor. When lifting the heel, do not forget to bend the knee a little, but the standing leg remains motionless and vice versa. It is also necessary to move your hands during this exercise, and they should be slightly bent at the elbows. Repeat the exercise for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Sit on a chair and cross your legs like Sharon Stone. Make circular movements with the leg that is on top 5 times in one direction and the other, then change the position of the legs and repeat the same thing. Doing the exercise in the office is easy.