Myths about Bodyflex

Anyone who has tried to lose weight at least once in their life knows how difficult it is to achieve this. Sometimes people exhaust themselves too much with exercises, wanting to become slimmer and have the figure of their dreams. However, physical activity is really necessary for health. Bodyflex exercises, which help to lose weight without much effort, have become very famous. Because of this, many myths about these exercises have arisen. Let’s try to decide whether this is a really useful physical activity or actions that are harmful to health.

Anyone who has practiced bodyflex knows that the basis of these exercises is deep aerobic breathing, which helps saturate the body with oxygen and burn subcutaneous fat. In addition, stretching helps to lose weight faster. At first glance, it looks static and raises doubts – will such passive exercises help you lose weight? Therefore, some people believe that it is impossible to lose weight thanks to bodyflex. This is the first myth. With the correct breathing and stretching technique, you will definitely lose weight after a certain time. First of all, it will be noticeable on the face and stomach – it is the muscles of these parts of the body that are most involved in performing exercises.

Some people consider bodyflex dangerous, because in their opinion it can provoke an increase in blood pressure or a heart attack. This is not quite so. If this opinion is adhered to, then it can be considered that any physical activity is potentially dangerous for the body. Of course, if a person has problems with the heart or blood vessels, and he has never been involved in sports, as a result of intensive inhalations and breathing delays, he will feel dizzy and the pressure will rise. But such a person will feel the same during jogging or other cardio exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your health and start playing sports, doing light and moderate exercises.

The third myth is that you cannot do bodyflex and take weight loss supplements. This is fundamentally wrong, because these means for losing weight are not related to each other. Moreover, when taking some drugs for weight loss (for example, XL-S Medical or Orligal), physical activity is recommended.

There is also an opinion that because of bodyflex, the skin becomes flabby and the complexion becomes dull. This is the most ridiculous statement, because these exercises are aimed at stimulating blood circulation and increasing muscle tone. Moreover, bodyflex can be practiced even by those who have had injuries or undergone joint surgery.

The fifth myth about bodyflex – in order to lose weight, you need to do it for a very long time and at least an hour a day. In fact, if you regularly do bodyflex, then it will be enough to spend 20-30 minutes a day. You would spend the same amount of time on a morning run or regular exercise, but doing bodyflex you will get much more benefits.

Even breastfeeding women can do bodyflex. You can not do these exercises after cesarean section, pregnant women and people with low vision.