How to normalize the weight after childbirth

There are very few women in the world who are satisfied with their weight after giving birth. Some women are concerned about significant weight gain, others suffer from excessive weight loss. How to normalize weight and get in good shape again?

Normalization of weight

Most women gain weight during pregnancy. Not everyone loses weight quickly after giving birth. This is especially true for women who had difficult childbirths. In addition, weight may increase during breastfeeding. The problem is complicated by the fact that strict diets are inappropriate during lactation.

Such diets not only weaken the body of a nursing woman, but also deprive the child of useful nutrients.

A healthy diet is the best solution to the problem. Eat small portions at least 5-6 times a day. Food will be absorbed completely, and at the same time you will not overeat, as you will not feel very hungry.

Be sure to have breakfast. Eat porridge for breakfast, as cereals promote good digestion, contain fiber, many vitamins and minerals. If you feel hungry between meals, eat dried fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Prefer lean meat, steamed or boiled. Eat less sweet, flour and fatty foods.

Drink more water. Water is necessary both for the mother’s body and for the production of milk, since the water content in human breast milk is 87%. In addition to water, you can drink natural juices, compotes and non-carbonated mineral water. It is important not to drink sugary drinks, because this will give you extra calories, which will lead to weight gain.

Normalization of metabolism

A good metabolism is of great importance both for a beautiful figure and for health. It is affected by the amount of water consumed and the duration of sleep. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to rest. If it was not possible to sleep at night, try to sleep with the child during the day. Physical activity is also important. Try to walk with the baby outdoors as much as possible. It’s time to take care of yourself and have a beautiful figure.

Taking slimmers

If you are not breastfeeding, losing weight will be even easier. You can buy drugs designed for weight loss. In this case, you can take such drugs as Orligal or Cetislim. These drugs are safe slimmers used in combination with a low calorie diet. They work by blocking a substantial amount of fat from being digested and absorbed into the body. Orligal and Cetislim are classified as lipase inhibitors and affect only the digestive system where they block the action of a lipolytic enzyme called lipase. These lipases are what the body uses to digest fat.

However, when Orligal and Cetislim are administered alongside a meal, they bind to the lipases, thereby inhibiting them from breaking down the fat. Fats which are not hydrolyzed are instead excreted in the feces, resulting in increased fecal fat excretion and reduced fat absorption. When drugs are used together with a reduced calorie diet, they can help improve weight loss and make it easier for overweight patients to get back in shape, thereby boosting the chances of successful weight loss.