How to soften and moisturize dry skin

Skin care at home has become a daily routine for every woman in today’s world. Proper regular home care is completely safe and effective. You can choose skin care ingredients on your own or with a professional cosmetologist or dermatologist, depending on the problem you want to solve.

So what are the most common causes of dry skin?

  1. Incorrect cleansing using alcohol-based tonics or foams.

If after application cleansers you feel tightness of the skin on the face, this indicates that the product is not suitable for you.

  1. Frequent use of soap when washing, too hot or cold water.
  2. Regular stay outdoors in the cold or wind without a protective cream, such as Pregnacream or Protopic, especially in people prone to dry skin and patients with atopic dermatitis.
  3. Congenital predisposition to this type of skin.

Skin care to help prevent dryness

Skin cleansing must be done in the morning and evening.

Wash your face with warm water in the morning without using soap. The tonic or foam should contain components that nourish the skin. Do not forget about hydration, because the cause of dry skin is a lack of moisture in its cells.

You can use self-made tonics. For instance:

– Green tea, or ice cubes with its content. Wipe face skin daily. This tonic is refreshing and significantly reduces inflammation.

– Dry chamomile leaves, pour boiling water, let it brew in a cool dark place from several hours to a day. Then strain this mix through a sieve. The resulting solution must be kept in the refrigerator.

In the evening, it is necessary to carefully remove makeup, as its remnants can clog pores and cause various inflammations. There are many makeup removers. You need to choose them based on the needs of your skin. Dry skin needs daily nutrition and replenishment of moisture.

Recipes for home masks for dry skin care


Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of natural honey and one small spoonful of olive oil.

Give preference to extra virgin olive oil. It will work very well; in this oil all its useful components are preserved.

Mix both components and apply to the skin. Keep the mixture on the skin for 20-30 minutes, but no longer, the maximum effect is achieved in 15 minutes.

Honey is an antiseptic of natural origin and has many useful ingredients. If the skin had inflammations, then honey will well contribute to their healing. In combination with olive oil, a double effect of nutrition and recovery is received. It is enough to make this mask 1 or 2 times in seven days and the skin will “glow” with health, and there will be no trace of dryness.


Pass the raw potatoes through a blender or grate with a grater. Mix the resulting slurry with kefir. The mixture will turn out to be liquid in consistency. Carefully use a cotton pads to apply the mixture. After drying one layer, apply a few more. Rinse and let the skin dry, do not wipe.



Grape seed oil 5 drops

Tea tree oil 2 drops

Shea butter adds no more than two drops.

Mix all components and apply the mixture on skin on 30-40 minutes.