How to stay healthy and live long and harmoniously – 4 tips from doctors

American doctors shared their own secrets of how to make life healthy, happy and long. To do this, you need to exercise, eat healthy food and be optimistic. Experts have offered some interesting and unconventional tips on how to overcome stress, improve your physical and emotional well-being and stay in shape.

Get a dog

A pet is a round-the-clock form of therapy, for me personally it is a stress reliever, says Carmen Ehols, MD.

Carmen got a dog right after the wedding. After a hard day’s work, she sits down to watch TV and strokes her pet. According to the doctor, this simple exercise is very relaxing.

It should be said that cats are also ideal for such purposes. But a dog is also a regular walk in the fresh air.

Meditate and do the exercises

Doctors remind you that you can meditate when you walk, swim or sit in the park.

Dean K. Mitchell, MD, associate professor of the Clinical Department of Osteopathic Medicine, emphasizes the need for cardio, strength training and yoga.

Stretching or yoga provides flexibility, which is important at any age. In addition, it is important to keep your brain young by accepting new challenges: traveling, exploring new areas, listening to music, etc., the doctor concludes.

Exercise is also a very important part of Dr. Nathan Rock’s daily routine. It helps him control stress and be healthy.

Exercise has many positive benefits, including strengthening the cardiovascular system and balancing mood by releasing endorphins.

Personally, I am convinced that exercise, both before and after work, can help prepare for a successful day, as well as relieve any stress after work, says the doctor.

Nathan loves yoga in the morning, it is from it that his day begins. In the evening, the doctor likes to run with friends.

It adds to the desire to go for a run and helps me stay motivated and responsible, he says.

In this case, do not forget about food.

The main part of the plate – vegetable dishes, eat a lot of natural foods: nuts, seeds, fruits – says Nathan Rock.

See a doctor

Many people constantly postpone visits to the doctor. If you want to live healthier longer, make it a rule to visit a family doctor every year.

Visit the dentist every 6 months, gynecologist / urologist and ophthalmologist – once a year, cardiologist and enocrinologist – every 2 years.

Also, once a year, have a complete blood and urine test.

All of this will help you identify problems at an early stage (such as diabetes or hypercholesterolemia) and start treatment in time (such as Forxiga or Lipicard).


Massage therapy is a great way to improve muscle condition and help you relax. And it will also help relieve stress, says Dr. Allen Conrad.

In the evening, massage your feet. Learn with your partner to give each other a relaxing massage of the head and neck or even the entire back. You can take special courses and learn these skills, or do a massage with a professional every six months or a year.