How to stay healthy in spring

Health is our treasure, which we must take care of. In the spring, the risk of getting sick increases significantly; this is associated with certain factors that we will talk about below. In order to prevent this from happening, we advise you to adhere to the following rules.

Dress warmly when it’s cold outside

The function of maintaining a constant temperature of the body and limbs is performed due to thermoregulation, which is influenced by a number of physiological factors. The beginning of spring is not the warmest period. Therefore, in order to feel comfortable and not freeze, or if you have a cold intolerance, which is caused by certain diseases, then first of all you should choose the right clothes, taking into account the weather conditions. It is best to wear thermal underwear or multiple layers of clothing.

The hat is important in cold weather. It protects the ears, which are very sensitive to cold and wind. However, you should not count on the fact that the hat will prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the body.

Beware of COVID-19

Do not underestimate the severity of the situation, wear a mask and take other safety precautions. You need to be vigilant to stay healthy, feel good, and not be dangerous to the people around you.

If you notice signs of Covid-19, stay home and contact your doctor as soon as possible so that he can prescribe effective treatment (for example, Dexona or Lariago DS).

Do not use alcohol for warming

First and foremost, don’t do this because alcohol can’t keep you warm. When you drink an alcoholic beverage, the opposite effect occurs – drinking alcohol causes blood vessels on the surface of the body to dilate, which contributes to blood flow and a feeling of warmth. But, if we talk about the internal organs, they are “cooled”. Heat from the surface of the skin and limbs is quickly lost, which leads to a decrease in overall body temperature.

Walk and stay physically active

The reason for the increase in the incidence in spring, first of all, lies in the fact that we are rarely outdoors and are more often in enclosed spaces next to other people. As a result, it is easy to get infected with cold or flu viruses. Thus, walking in the fresh air is necessary every day, and it should be included in the list of daily activities.

You should also regularly ventilate the room and ensure that there is normal humidity in it. Otherwise, dirt and dust particles stay in the air longer, and thus turn into additional irritants and carriers of bacteria and viruses. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room, as well as humidify the air.

Protect your skin

Our skin needs protection from cold and ultraviolet radiation, especially palms and lips. This is true for both men and women. In the spring, you should use a day cream to moisturize and close the pores so you don’t lose moisture. Sunscreen is also useful in the spring. The need for it increases if you are on the street for a long time or go on vacation.

Pay special attention to your hands. They are affected not only by the cold, but also by frequent washing and the use of sanitizers.

Get enough sleep and recover effectively

Lack of sleep worsens our physical and mental health. This also applies to our immune system: the number of pro-inflammatory molecules increases, while the specific immune response is significantly weakened. Lack of sleep contributes to an increased chance of contracting bacterial and viral infections.