drink coffee

Is it healthy to drink coffee?

Hundreds of coffee machines and devices, which are located in offices, educational institutions and just on the streets of the city, contribute to the large consumption of coffee. The habit of drinking coffee in the morning, having a snack with a cup of coffee on the way to work or university sit deeply in the minds of students, office workers and even mothers with children.

Discussions about the harm and advantages of this drink are still going on, however, it has been proven that coffee reduces the risk of depression, prevents the development of urolithiasis, and is a preventive remedy against diabetes (if you drink coffee without sugar). There are even drugs with caffeine, for example, Cafegrot and Panadol.

Coffee is prepared with roasted beans, if it is not possible, a sublimated version is used, which a concentrated sublimated base is processed under steam, dried to the maximum, what allows you to save on transportation and packaging. Such coffee is used as tablets in a coffee machine, put in coffee makers and brewed with boiling water. There are also combined variants, that represents a finished product (sublimate) based on roasted beans with preservation of all properties, such natural sublimate is stored less, but tastes excellent.

Coffee with milk: harm or usefull

The drink is used in combination with milk and cream, the last one is also available in the sublimated form substance distributed in cans and bags, dry cream is quite popular for the preparation of coffee «three-in-one». Such  product will not contain vitamins, there will be little biologically active substances, but it will have a psychostimulating effect, the milky taste will reduce the unpleasant aftertaste and it may be hard for the digestive tract.

Milk started add to the coffee not at once. At first, lemon was added to coffee, coffee was mixed with tea, coffee was brewed with fruit, until one café’s owner in Switzerland guessed to add milk and ice cream to the freshly brewed drink, that was how the milk drink Glassi appeared. Adding milk to coffee is believed to be healthy, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Coffee with milk is a kind of fuse and protection from harm for health, because milk is a carrier of protein, and coffee – organic acids and antioxidants, what has positive affect on the resistance to fainting in case of stress and falling of blood pressure, because of phosphorus and calcium, which contained in coffee with milk, absorbed faster than separately.

The tandem of these products can have a negative effect on your body. For example, it can cause heartburn, spasms and diarrhea. Except that, coffee with milk can be contraindicated for people who have acnes and lactose intolerance. Unfortunately, the brain quickly gets used to coffee, so serotonin is produced less and less, and it is more and more difficult to resist sleep. So, if you want to sleep, you should sleep, and not interrupt your sleep with coffee and milk, especially on an empty stomach.

Often people are dragged on drinking coffee when they catch a cold, this is due to the broncholytic properties of the drink, coffee with milk will help to cope with tickling in the throat, because it relieves the swelling of the throat.

Coffee lovers have capsule machines at home and at work, which use coffee in capsules. This method of packaging preserves its taste and aroma, as well as saves time for its preparation.