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Losing Weight at Home

Not everyone who struggles with excess weight has the opportunity to consult a dietitian, visit a gym, seek the help of a cosmetologist or masseuse, and some simply feel embarrassed. However, if the desire to solve the problem is strong, a person will achieve their goal, even if they need to lose weight at home.

Constant lack of time for oneself, laziness, or procrastination force people to seek extraordinary and unlikely methods of weight loss, completely forgetting that the positive effect of rapid weight loss is outweighed by its disadvantages, with weight regain being the least of them. Of course, there are many ways to quickly get rid of a large stomach or rounded hips, but external perfection can lead to serious illnesses, and enjoying your slim waist for a long time is unlikely – all the weight will come back, and even with interest. Therefore, if you are interested in how to get rid of excess weight and whether it is possible to do it quickly, it is still the best to consult a specialist on this topic.

In this article, we will briefly explain how and through what means you can lose weight at home. Weight loss at home is based on calorie restriction. Otherwise, losing weight is impossible, and the use of laxative or diuretic teas for weight loss may at best not yield results, and at worst, have health consequences. Flushing out vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and fluids from the body leads to health deterioration, which is not easy to restore and sometimes impossible. Lack of protein and complex carbohydrates not only reduces overall muscle mass but also disrupts hormonal balance – the level of the “hunger hormone” increases, which is why many people overeat later on. But these are not the biggest problems. Internal organs suffer the most – the liver and kidneys are forced to work harder to remove a huge amount of decay products formed during the breakdown of protein and fat, and the digestive organs are doomed to exist almost without food.

Any weight loss program requires time to adapt to a new menu and eating schedule, only after which active weight loss begins. However, weight that quickly disappears due to stressful factors (and strict dieting and intense physical activity are such factors) is water, glycogen, and intestinal content. Quick weight loss methods do not promote fat loss, on the contrary – after fasting diets, an uncontrollable hunger typically sets in.

Can You lose weight in a week at home?

When time for weight loss is limited, it is possible to try and lose 3-4 kg in a week (mostly due to fluids). Slimmers such as Cetislim and Orlistat will help speed up weight loss. Such a “feat” is achievable only for a healthy adult; rapid weight loss is strictly prohibited for teenagers, pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as those who are ill. Do not resort to such  method more often than once every 2-3 months, as it is harmful, and moreover, the effectiveness of “quick” diets decreases with frequent use.